Brazilian Catholic Priest and Pedophile Hangs Himself in Jail

A well-known Brazilian Catholic priest has hung himself with bed sheets in jail, according to Religion News Service. Bonifacio Buzzi (I will not call him reverend, as he is not worthy of reverence) was in jail following an arrest on Friday after accusations emerged that he molested two boys, aged 9 and 13.

buzzi_09012825This was not his first time behind bars.  Buzzi was recently released from prison after serving from 2007 to 2015 for child molestation, being convicted of performing oral sex on young boys.  Just typing that made me want to throw up.

If his name sounds familiar, it may be because Buzzi was mentioned at the end of the film Spotlight, the Academy Award winning film about the abuse in the Catholic Church in Boston.

Thank you, Bonifacio, for taking yourself out and saving Brazilian citizens the tax money they were going to have to pay for your room and board for the next 10+ years.  They’re already in rough shape from hosting the Olympics.

Kevin Davis

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17 thoughts on “Brazilian Catholic Priest and Pedophile Hangs Himself in Jail

  1. Suicide is a sin deserving of eternal torment in hell according to Christian dogma. Oddly, child molestation isn’t considered a sin.

    1. As someone initiated into the sacred mysteries of the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, Buzzi must have been aware that eternal torment is a fabrication meant to keep the hoi polloi in line.

          1. Because beating a pedophile to death feels a lot more like justice than locking him up with cable tv and libraries and 3 squares a day, maybe?

      1. Still doesn’t make it right — especially if the one committing the assistance is a “Christian.”

  2. I know how you feel in not calling the guy reverend. When I refer to Paul of Tarsus, some folks double check to verify that I refer to “Saint” Paul. I remark that he was no saint.

  3. > I will not call him reverend, as he is not worthy of reverence

    Seems an appropriate designation to me. Like “youth minister” . . . as in “youth minister accused of molesting girls”.


    Australia’s worst paedophile priest ‘molested every boy’ at school in Victoria, Australia

    Australia’s royal commission into child sex abuse was told that senior Church leaders were aware of the crimes of Father Gerald Ridsdale and an “evil” paedophile ring that he operated for decades.

    A royal commission into child sex abuse heard that Father Gerald Ridsdale abused more than 50 children over three decades, including all of the boys at the school in Mortlake.

    In 1971, each of the male teachers and the chaplain at the St Alipius primary school was molesting children.

    Philip Nagle, who was abused at the school, held up a photograph of his fourth grade class and said that twelve of the 33 boys had since committed suicide.

  4. Suicide or natural, doesn’t matter. He was Hellbound the first time he violated a child. And we welcome him with glee…we have such wonders to show him! (and he won’t like any of them, I guarantee!)

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