IRONY ALERT: Christian ‘News’ Site Warns Parents of ‘Leftist Indoctrination’

This week, Lifesitenews, an anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice Christian website, posted a warning to parents of school-aged kids titled, “10 ways to take control of your kid’s education and stop leftist indoctrination.” I’m sorry, what? That’s right, a website run by people who rely on childhood indoctrination to advance their causes has accused their political opponents of infiltrating schools and indoctrinating students. Funny, I guess indoctrination is only cool if you’re the one doing it.

The article was written by Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, author of Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality, and possibly one of the worst people I’ve ever researched online. She also writes for World Net Daily. Seems like a totally respected journalist to me!

Let’s take a look at how Linda’s going to stop this so-called leftist indoctrination, whatever that means.

Before the author of this piece [of sh**] even gets into her list, she promotes the idiotic idea that Christianity and patriotism are components of conservatism and aren’t found on the left side of the aisle:

She says your child needs “a truthful, academic-based education that doesn’t include hyper-sexualization, privacy violation, smashing of American patriotism, and hatred of Christianity.”

It’s the same sentiment you hear at every Trump rally and from the mouths of Republicans on a daily basis — that somehow the right has cornered the market on love of country and the left is 100% anti-American. What a load of crap. But to her credit, the audience she’s speaking to eats this up all day. At the heart of it, they’re all about feeling superior, so this idea of Christian=patriot works — superior religion, superior country, superior sexual orientation, superior race, the list goes on. It all makes sense.

On to the 10 suggestions. Don’t worry, I’ll paraphrase. I suffered through this so you don’t have to.

  1. Read through your kids’ curriculum and school policies. Then pray. And move them to a Christian school if you can. Apparently those provide the “truthful, academic-based education” the author referred to earlier. Sure.
  2. Get rid of teachers’ unions. Like their salaries weren’t low enough to begin with. The author seems to have an issue with the NEA and accuses it of having a pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ platform. News flash: effectively no one is “pro-abortion.” That’s not a thing outside right-wing propaganda echo chambers.
  3. Rummage through the library looking for any materials that mention gay people. Take pictures of them and post them on social media, then write a letter to the school board (and out yourself as a bigot). Pressure “sleazy librarians” (do those exist outside of porn?) to strip the library of anything that criticizes America or law enforcement. And my personal favorite, “watch for a possible ‘drag queen’ reading.”
  4. Keep an eye on any openly gay or transgender teachers and make sure they’re not “promoting depravity.” “Challenge every pro-homosexual propaganda day/week – Ally Week, Spirit Day, Coming Out Month, ‘LGBTQ’ History Month, ‘Transgender’ Remembrance Day, No Name-Calling Week, Day of Silence, and any ‘pride’ observances in May and June.” Notice the quotes around terms she’s uncomfortable with. But wait a sec… she’s against No Name-Calling Week? And she’s accusing the left of depravity? Yikes.
  5. Kick the Scholastic publishers out of your school because “Scholastic proudly promotes ‘LGBTQ’ deviance and ‘pride’ material.”
  6. Make sure boys and girls are not sharing restrooms or playing on the same sports teams. If they do, raise hell with the school board.
  7. I’m going to let you read the sex ed part in entirety. I can’t do it justice. I keep bursting out into uncontrollable laughter. “For middle and high schools, check to see if they are teaching ‘comprehensive sex education,’ which is an innocuous-sounding name for X-rated, porn-based child sexualization lessons. Despite the ‘evidence-based’ claims, this style of sex ed scorns abstinence and encourages adolescent sexual activity, homosexuality, and gender confusion. It is not medically accurate, because it hides the real risks and endorses abortion – the taking of a human life. Unless we believe it’s ‘medically accurate’ to eliminate human beings, we need to scream loudly to get this Planned Parenthood, leftist garbage out of our schools.” Yeah, screw the evidence. Let’s put it in quotes to make it look untrue. Also, “porn-based”? I’m going to need to review that curriculum as well…
  8. Talk to staff to find out of teachers are “forced” to attend training about effectively dealing with LGBTQ students — you know, the most at-risk for suicide. Helping those kids would apparently be bad. Yay, pro-life!
  9. Make sure your kids aren’t having the core tenets of Islam forced upon them. Don’t let them attend a mosque on a field trip. Remember: Unconstitutional Christian indoctrination at public school GOOD, Islam BAD. “Raise the roof if you discover this at your school.” Sooo, like this? Image result for raise the roof
  10. Insert Christianity into your public school as much as you can (seems legit). Make sure your kids do the Meet at the Pole prayer thing on September 25, and urge them to promote Christianity in school. Start a Good News Club (if you enjoy instilling fear in small children and squashing their self-esteem).

So that’s it! That’s how you keep the gay away! Just in time for back-to-school. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking if I just do step one, the rest should take care of itself. I mean, prayer works, so I can just do that, right? Why do I need to do steps 2-10 if prayer works? Are you telling me it’s insufficient? Not possible. It couldn’t possibly be that no one is listening. Could it? Oh no. I think the chemtrails are infecting me with the gay agenda…

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17 thoughts on “IRONY ALERT: Christian ‘News’ Site Warns Parents of ‘Leftist Indoctrination’

  1. When I think about “liberal indoctrination” in schools, it reminds me of an episode of Family Ties.

    Andy (the youngest one) is going to kindergarten (or pre-school, I don’t remember) and Alex goes to pick him up from school. He asks the teacher how the day was, and she is like, it was a great day. Andy is such a great, caring kid, and his classmates love him. He is so helpful to everyone, and is always willing to share his toys with the others.

    Alex, remember, is a hardcore Reagan republican, and gets horrified, grabs Andy and runs from the room.

    Because, you know, Andy was being “indoctrinated with liberal ideals,” such as compassion for others, being a good friend, and sharing.

    Can’t have that darn liberal indoctrination going on.

  2. “10 ways to take control of your kid’s education and stop leftist indoctrination.”

    It’s easy to make sure your kids aren’t indoctrinated with leftist ideas. All you need to do is make sure your kids get a crappy education.

  3. Make sure boys and girls are not sharing restrooms or playing on the same sports teams.

    So youth soccer is out the window. Why stop at sports? Why not separate (but “equal”) classrooms?

    1. They must be completely wetting themselves over that girl who is playing the Little League World Series.

      I mean, who cares if she was good enough to make the team? Darn it, we can’t let girls earn their spots on boys’ teams.

      1. Hadn’t heard of her. But good for her.
        General rule:
        If you can do the job, I really don’t care about your:
        Sexual orientation

        None of that really matters. The closest contender is age, which might be tied to ability. But otherwise, complete non-sequitur to me.

    2. The bit about “not sharing restrooms” is particularly silly when one considers that male and female members of a family generally do share restrooms.

    3. When I was in grade school (early 80’s) Square Dancing was sometimes part of phys ed. Evil Ms. Linda’s head would explode, twice if the class wasn’t co-ed.

      1. Yup. And don’t tell her, but when they reach High School there may be Phys Ed classes with swimming and boys and girls will be in the same pool at the same time.

  4. If my high school sex ed classes were anything like these people seem to believe they are, I wouldn’t have needed to hide my internet activity from my parents so much…

  5. In the US, christians are the most tightly wound id10ts. G T F O of everybody else’s life. Live by your backward beliefs if that is what you want. Don’t try to force your boolshite “rules” onto everyone else.

  6. Went to the website. Almost left a comment along the lines of “bringing up your kids Christian isn’t indoctrination?” But when you read the TOS “propaganda” will be removed. They only want “thoughtful” comments.

  7. Funny thing is….I had 13 years of parochial school education, mostly because at the time (’50s-early ’60s) my mother thought the quality of the education was better. She was technically Anglican, somewhat Buddhist in her views. Helped me learn the catechism in the sense of parroting back the “correct” answers, but encouraged me to think for myself. And the rest of that parochial school education did just that. Outside of the religion classes, history, civics, social studies, etc. all were well taught. I was encouraged to read and read extensively. My biology teacher taught the basics of evolution, etc. Buy obviously, Catholic (OMG) don’t count and in any event, the religious “indoctrination” didn’t take – as has often been said on these sites, read the bible – it will make an atheist of you!

  8. I attended *Catholic* all-girls high school from 1972 to 1976, one admittedly run by a group of very liberal nuns. We had comprehensive sex education, or a reasonably good version of it for the time. We were told that God did not approve of birth control, but here are the stats for how good different methods worked anyhow. We were told that sex before marriage was a sin, as was right and proper for a Catholic school, but the unspoken message was that they would be shocked if we were all virgins on our wedding days. LGBTQ issues were not discussed because they simply weren’t on anyone’s radar yet. Today I suspect the school is teaching that acting on same-sex attraction is wrong, but nobody, but nobody, gets to diss anyone for their sexual orientation (and it’s rude to ask or make assumptions). I have no idea what they’re teaching about gender identity, but to the extent that the official church doctrine is clueless and unkind, I suspect they’re soft-pedaling the heck out of it.

    Mind you, I’m no longer a believer, and all consensual sex between adults is fine in my book–even though my now-husband was my first and only lover, we just celebrated our 39th anniversary in June, and neither of us has cheated. What works for us doesn’t work for a lot of others, and that’s fine. Also, whatever someone declares their gender identity to be, that’s what it is. Period. But my nuns taught me that reality is what it is, and our goal as children of God is to be kind, thoughtful, feed the hungry, help the homeless, minister to those who are poor and/or fragile, and ruthlessly stomp on bigotry. I still try to live up to their teachings. I think Harvey would have failed her first semester.

  9. People wonder why millennials aren’t coming back to christinaity. the holier than thou behavior is very aggressively childish and immature. On top of that, abstinence isn’t working, and teaching children to be good Christians is why most people need therapy, drugs or a gun to shoot up schools with.

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