Deplorable Trump Supporter Vandalizes Home of Democratic Candidate with Anti-LGBT Graffiti

Chris Schwartz is running as a Democratic candidate for the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors in Iowa.  This morning, he walked out of his home to find black spray paint all over his political yard signs and front door.  On the yard sign with his own name on it was the word “FAG” and on his front door was “Lev 20:13” referring to the verse of Leviticus which reads, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

Schwartz also had a Clinton sign in his yard which the offender painted “TRUMP” over (although by the looks of it, might be misspelled — big surprise).

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Regardless of someone’s political affiliation, this is never ok.  A peaceful democratic process is what has set the US apart from oppressive dictatorships and monarchies for centuries.  Infringing on that process through hate crimes such as this and other attempts at intimidation, and questioning the impartiality of our free elections by making baseless claims against it as Trump and his supporters have, undermines the democracy we take pride in as Americans.

This is yet another example of what a vitriolic environment we’ve created this election cycle. Let’s hope for the sake of our nation that the mood of this season fades away before we start talking about candidates again, or it will only get worse the next time around.

(All images from candidate’s Facebook page.)


Kevin Davis

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23 thoughts on “Deplorable Trump Supporter Vandalizes Home of Democratic Candidate with Anti-LGBT Graffiti

  1. In the neighborhood in which I used to reside, my liberal candidate signs were stolen or vandalized nearly every year–twice I came out to find them wrapped around my mailbox. I was told that it was my responsibility to get cameras or some other monitoring method if I wanted something done about it. Nothing like the heckler’s veto.
    I have since moved one town over and no one bothers my signs.

    1. I eagerly await the same republican response to this incident then the democrat response to the firebombing you refer to.

      1. Equating a firebombing with sign vandalism is absurd, and Democrats don’t “respond” every time a Trump sign gets vandalized.

        1. Yeah, this goes a bit further then just vandalising a sign. Which you might have known if you actually read the article you commented on. Ah well.

  2. My wife put a Hilary bumper sticker on her car about a week ago. Yesterday we woke up to find someone had slashed its tires.

    1. Hmmm…maybe the jerk neighbor up the street should get a few Hillary stickers. At midnight. Without his knowledge.

  3. Attack on MoveOn worker is just the latest example of right-wing violence
    mediamatters. org/research/…/ attack-on-moveon…/172487Media Matters for America
    Oct 26, 2010 – White powder and swastikas mailed to Rep. Grijalva. … Brick thrown at Democratic county headquarters in Rochester, NY. New York Daily ..
    Toxic white powder sent to Democrat Raul Grijalva in swastika …
    www. dailymail. co. uk/…/Toxic-white-powder-sent-Democrat-Raul-Grijalva-…
    Daily Mail
    Oct 22, 2010 – Raul Grijalva, who is seeking a fifth term as Arizona representative in the … white powder has been sent to the offices of Arizona representative Raul Grijalva … and attacks, but was at a different Tucson office when the envelope arrived

    There has been quite a bit of political violence this election.
    Someone mailed a toxic white powder to a Democrat Rep. in Arizona.
    Hillary got a white powder attack in NYC.

  4. Joe Walsh says he’s ‘grabbing his musket’ if Trump loses election
    New York Daily News‎ – 20 hours ago
    A Donald Trump-supporting ex-congressman wants to make America great again by turning …

    Ex-congressman Joe Walsh (who elected this nutcase?) is going to overthrow the US government if Hillary is elected.
    With his musket. On presumably his horse while waving a saber.
    I can see why he is an ex-congressman.
    I’m sure there will be violence if Hillary is elected. There already is violence and it’s two weeks to the election.
    I don’t think it will be that much though.
    This would require the Trumpistas to put down their beer, turn off the TV, and get up off the couch. That is asking a lot of a deplorable.

  5. Tualatin couple gets nasty reactions over ‘TRUMP’ license plates: ‘It’s my last name’

    TUALATIN, Ore. — A Tualatin couple has been subject to borderline harassment for displaying the last name of a presidential candidate on their cars’ license plates.

    Nine years ago Brian Trump ordered special Oregon vanity plates.

    “There’s a lot of Ryan’s and Brian’s around,” he said. “Trump is my last name, and a lot of people that I work with call me Trump. It makes it easier to just go by the last name.”

    He never anticipated that Donald Trump would run for president.

    “[I] thought it would be cool to have my name on there, proud of the name,” he said.

    The intimidating behavior by other drivers began about 18 months ago, Trump said.

    “It took me a minute to figure out. I didn’t cut this person off, [I] used my blinker, I’m not like driving crazy,” Trump laughed. “Someone goes you’re not a Trump supporter are you? And I was like, it’s my last name!”

    Trump says he made the connection, but continued to sport his plates.

    “I’ve gotten a couple of thumbs up,” he said. “But, it’s generally the vulgar language, mean looks, flipping you off, that kind of thing has unfortunately been a lot more common.”

    After he married, his wife applied for similar Trump plates. However, the excitement wore thin recently after she was intimidated by several men.

    “You have three grown men yelling at a woman alone in her car, it’s kind of scary you know,” Trump said. “You don’t want something to happen.”

    Trump says he’s not changing his last name or their cars’ plates.

    “I’m sticking with it! I’m not going to let someone bully me out of my plate.”

    Rather, Trump has ordered a vinyl window graphic that will alert other drivers that Trump is his last name, and that the plates do not have any political ties.

    Two weeks before election day, Brian Trump hopes people show more compassion for each other.

    “Even if I was a die-hard Trump supporter, why should there be potential threats of violence or vulgar language?” Trump said. “Try to treat everyone how you would want to be treated. It’s pretty simple. I mean, you might have a difference of opinion with someone, but it doesn’t mean you got to be rude or aggressive.”

    1. Apparently it goes the other way too. Drumpf has a history of suing small business owners who share his surname and use it for their own enterprises.

  6. I have a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker and people constantly stop me and thank me for not being part of the problem….

    …ok that’s a slight exageration.

  7. “This is yet another example of what a vitriolic environment we’ve created this election cycle.”

    Except we haven’t created it.

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