Ken Ham Has Trump-like Twitter Meltdown Over Ark Photos

It may be time for a new game — who tweeted it, Donald Trump or Ken Ham?

This morning, the Huffington Post published an article referring to a new exhibit coming to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. Based on photos tweeted by Ken Ham on Thursday, it appears the “life-size” unfloatable ship will soon feature a diorama that, as Ham puts it, depicts the “wicked population in the pre-Flood world.”

The photos he included in the tweet seem to show a gladiator-type battle ring with a giant — yup a goddamn giant — about to murder a human with some kind of a spear, while a dinosaur — oh yeah, a friggin’ dinosaur — comes charging in to join the fight.  Yup, that’s just how I imagine the world was 5,000 years ago. Nailed it, Ken.

Now, to be fair, it’s unclear whether the dinosaur was invited to the fight or is breaking-and-entering.  Also, we’re not sure yet whose side it’s on — the giant or the humans.  Man, I can’t wait to see how this ends.  But I digress.

Upon encountering this delicious depiction in the Twitterverse, Ed Mazza from HuffPo was compelled to bring it forth for the rest of us to witness and be saved. Or maybe he just wanted to rip it to shreds.  However, Mazza’s level of self-control is to be commended. The only negative thing he really said about the diorama was at the end of his piece, “There is no scientific evidence for a race of giants.”

Ed, you missed a few things.

  • There is no scientific evidence a global flood occurred.
  • There is no scientific evidence the earth is only 6,000 years old.
  • There is no scientific evidence that dinosaurs existed alongside humans.
  • There is no scientific evidence that the book of Genesis is true.

The list goes on.

The best thing about this story is that it appears Ken Ham saw the HuffPo article, or possibly a similar takedown of his tweet by another media source, because soon afterward, Ham launched into a Twitter tantrum focused on “fake news,” the “mainstream media,” and their “anti-Christian agenda.”

Right, because Ken Ham is a reliable source of what’s real and what’s made up.  Someone please call the irony police.

Ken’s latest tantrum reminded me of a previous one I covered when Ham lashed out at the Washington Post over their article about We Believe in Dinosaurs, a documentary about the building of the Ark Encounter and America’s relationship with science education.

Keep ’em coming, Ken. Your persecution complex is keeping us entertained.  On a serious note though, I’m just glad all the giants were killed in the flood.  Phew!


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Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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64 thoughts on “Ken Ham Has Trump-like Twitter Meltdown Over Ark Photos

  1. Maybe it is just my screen, but all of Hammy’s tweets say the same thing “Please let me be relevant again”. It’s been hard for him since his magical evening with Bill Nye.

    1. Well, he’s chosen the right way. Lash out against the evil media and use the term “fake news” a lot. Works like a charm to get the masses (of a specific type) to your side.

      Your Great and Glorious President should copyright this method. “Trumping” as a surefire way to “win” every argument. He might make a buck out of it.

      1. I used to call the horrible drivers in MA and NJ “Sociopathic Drivers,” but I now think of them as Trump Drivers™, who are dumb, poorly educated and insensitive to everyone else’s safety and well-being!

  2. Sorry, Ken, the Square Cube Law precludes the existence of giants. The human skeleton does not scale up very well, a giant with human-like proportions would not be able to stand without breaking its legs, the frame simply cannot support the weight. There is also no evidence these creatures even existed, no oversized bones, no oversized weapons, no oversized houses, nothing.

    1. Ken’s typical reply is that ‘the flood wiped it all away’ (except the dinosaur bones and all the other geological and paleontological evidence in the ground not related to his mythology).

      1. Yeah, like it wiped away all sort of stuff but it created Mt Everest etc.

        It’s a wonder he doesn’t drown in his own bullshit.

    1. No,,,Genesis 6:4 along side Mt 24:37 is the biblical justification. Some carry that to post-flood as well by various means – Ham’s wife, the nephilim were actually spiritual being, etc – using mental gymnastics to do so.

      1. All that says is that there were Nephilim who were “heroes of old” and the children of sons of God with human women, and they’re just making up the rest.

        1. Yup,,,but since when do fairytales stop them? Some of the narratives, proponents have created are quite interesting to say the least 🙂

    2. We are talking about the guy who seriously argued that Noah could have used power tools to build the ark, because the Bible doesn’t say that he didn’t.

      I don’t think he would understand your question.

  3. Forget about the lack of factual content in this diorama — I would call it exquisite by the standards of a 4 yo, maybe. I’ll have to ask my 4 yo granddaughter’s opinion. I don’t think she’d appreciate it — needs Minnie Mouse, some glitter and fling unicorns to impress her.

  4. “There were giants in those days.”- Genesis. Therefore, Jack and the Beanstalk is an historical account! Take that, Bill Nye! (Sarcasm).

  5. If reality were a living, sapient being with a lawyer, Amish Wolverine would be too busy losing slander & libel lawsuits to run a garbage museum or failing park.

  6. Con-artists repeat their claims and accuse others of being dishonest. Honest people provide evidence and demolish their opponents. Guess which one of those represents ham and the likes of him?

    1. DARVO:

      Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. A behavior of
      perpetrators of wrongdoing (especially sexual offenders), when accused
      of attacking their victim, reversing the roles of victim and offender.

      Source: Wiktionary

  7. Of course the dinosaur was supposed to be there! Look at the tunnel he comes out of, it’s got dragons and stuff on it! Duh!

  8. ” “There is no scientific evidence for a race of giants.”’

    There is. Gigantopithecus was YUGE, like maybe nine feet tall. No evidence he hung out with Israelites, though.

    Goliath was probably not any taller than your average basketball player.

      1. Same here with the Native American ruins in Arizona. I would have been a giant to them!
        A weird, white giant with blue eyes and silver hair. (Now I’m scaring myself!)

  9. There is massive scientific evidence contradicting a global flood.
    There is massive scientific evidence contradicting a 6,000 years old earth.

        1. They have a similar sales pitch. Put your money down and live happily ever after in paradise. A type of life insurance, … if you’re the gullible sort.

  10. The giants weren’t killed off by the flood.

    They inhabited the “Promised Land” when the Israelites showed up to claim their gift from God. At least one was still around and serving in the army when he fell to the sling of David.

    Since the flood came from a rainstorm, and there isn’t enough oxygen and hydrogen in the atmosphere to create the needed rainwater to soak anyone higher than the knees it was a simple task to survive the flood; just climb a tree or move to higher ground a few paces away from the shoreline.

  11. I am no longer able to post on the Ark Encounter fb page due to my intolerance and correction of “alternative facts”. Ham started five separate threads on Darwins birthday blaming him for just about all the worlds ills. He may have some issues in common with Trump. I.e. doesn’t like being called out on his bullshit. Whatever intelligence he has is crippled by his ego, and others are always at fault when things get ugly or tricky.

  12. Remember when AIG’s director of research recently said that Beowulf is proof of dinosaurs and humans coexisting?

    “There were dinosaurs on the Ark, right?” [Andrew] Snelling nodded. “Right.”

    “Then why aren’t there dinosaurs today?”

    “Dinosaurs went extinct after they left the Ark. After the Flood, we had the Ice Age. We had a radically different world. Some creatures weren’t able to adapt. But most cultures in the world have some legend about dragons, and these dragons are actually a good description of dinosaurs. The Chinese, for example — their dragons are depicted on scrolls pulling the chariots of emperors. And there was a story called Beowulf in which the king slays a dragon, and this happened in Norway.”

    “So you take Beowulf to be evidence of dinosaurs existing?”

    “Yes,” Snelling said. “It was an eyewitness account.”

    And they wonder why they’re not taken seriously.

    Except as a threat.

    1. as a matter of curiosity, whom exactly spread the legends. if everyone on the entire planet was dead except for the 8 ark builders, then I must ask who spread the legends. ken needs to learn how to think things through all of the way. he will never make a great charlatan the way he is going right now.

      1. So long as you don’t hold your breath waiting for the event…

        He does, however, have too many saps buying into his b.s.

  13. its funny that Kenny would complain about fake news. Fake news is what he does. He makes a great tax payer funded living from spreading his falsehoods. It seems strange that he would complain about others trying the same scheme.

  14. Ken Ham wants to talk about “fake”? Ok. Let’s look at one of the claims he made in his Bill Nye debate, which is that Lenski’s experiment with bacteria did NOT produce any new genes when they developed the ability to digest citrate. Lenski and hisco-researcher heard of that claim, and werenot impressed. This link goes to Lenski’s blog, where his co-researcher wrote the article:

    The second argument was more direct. Both Ham and Fabich asserted that
    the Cit+ function did not evolve because using citrate did not involve
    “any kind of new information … it’s just a switch that gets turned on
    and off.” (Fabich went on to state that this “switch” is what we
    reported. That is emphatically not true. It beggars belief that
    anyone, much less a trained microbiologist, could actually read our 2012
    paper, where we reported the genetic basis of Cit+, and come away
    thinking this.) Variations on that wording are often used by
    creationists who discuss the citrate work because it implies that Cit+
    arose because of a pre-existing regulatory switch and involved no
    evolution at all. But that simply is not the case – that wording, dare I
    say it, is a lie.

    Then there is Ham’s deception about the potential Ark Park attendence numbers, which is now starting to become apparent as shown by the low attendance records.

    Basically, the projected numbers Ham gave to the Kentucky gov’t were provided by a colleague of his, a guy who co-wrote a book with Ham. A true independent group forecast much lower numbers. They are the ones who are right.

  15. As an aside, this is the kind of “science” that Ham would teach:

    When we hear the
    term light-year, we need to realize it is not a measure of time but a measure
    of distance, telling us how far away something is. Distant stars and galaxies
    might be millions of light-years away, but that doesn’t mean that it took millions
    of years for the light to get here, it just means it is really far away!

  16. “Ed, you missed a few things.
    There is no scientific evidence a global flood occurred.
    There is no scientific evidence the earth is only 6,000 years old.
    There is no scientific evidence that dinosaurs existed alongside humans.
    There is no scientific evidence that the book of Genesis is true.”

    Actually, if you want to get technical, there is overwhelming scientific evidence that the Biblical flood is totally impossible. (In fact, I once stumbled across an excellent paper by a UW hydrologist who demonstrated that the amount of rain needed to flood the entire Earth in 40 days would have pressure-washed the entire planet’s surface flat!)

    The scientific evidence for the Earth’s actual age overwhelmingly disproves the “6000 years” determined by Bishop Ussher. Ussher also claimed to have calculated the exact date for the Earth’s creation, merely by adding up all the “begats” and “begots” in the Bible–which makes me wonder which genealogy of Jesus he used (there are two different ones), and how he came up with such an exact date.

    Multiple scientific tests have pretty much proven, except to bible literalists and other morons, that dinosars went extinct long before any species of human evolved, and

    Donald Morgan has compiled an excellent list of errors in the Bible, including the contradictions in Genesis.
    Now, how on Earth can the Bible be the perfect word of God if it contains so many internal errors?

  17. So, this is supposed to show how things were so bad prior to the flood that Yahweh just HAD to kill everyone except for a handful of inbreeders. Except that this sort of thing has been the norm for much of human history. Look at the “games” of Ancient Rome. Look at atrocities committed throughout the centuries, which were deemed ok as long as it was against an outsider group. I guess Ham wanted genocide to look family friendly.

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