Knights Of Malta Square Off With Pope Francis In Condom Investigation Feud [VIDEO]

It seems there’s trouble in paradise for Pope Francis. The Vatican is reportedly investigating claims of the distribution of thousands of condoms by Albrecht von Boeselage, the Maltese Order’s grand chancellor. Boeselage was fired in December after claims a charity under him had been giving out condoms. He claims that as soon as he learned about the condom distribution, he asked the organization to stop. There is an investigation into the matter and now a feud has emerged between the Order and the Pope. Interestingly enough, the Pope is considered too progressive for the Maltese order, who have replied to the Vatican in a statement:

Thus, considering the legal irrelevance of this Group and of its findings relating to the legal structure of the Order of Malta, the Order has decided that it should not cooperate with it. This is to protect its sovereignty against initiatives which claim to be directed at objectively (and, therefore – quite apart from its intentions – reveals it to be legally irrelevant) questioning or even limiting said Sovereignty.

Basically, the Order of Malta does not want the Vatican telling them what to do.  It’s a clear sign that they don’t accept the Pope’s authority. Now we could examine the case and talk about whether he knew the condoms were being distributed or not. We could look at the origins and history of the Order of Malta, or we could talk about Pope Francis and his supposed ‘progressive’ views.

Or we could talk about how ridiculous it is to even be arguing about the use of condoms in this day and age. It is an archaic belief that all sperm is sacred or that sex should only be for procreation. Do these people live in the real world? (That’s rhetorical.) Do their congregations honestly abide by these ludicrous dictations? It’s highly doubtful. In the era of AIDS and overpopulation, is it really wise to be telling people that all sex should be unsafe? Is abstinence really a viable option?

This is one of the many things wrong with religion. Religious leaders tell people what to do, giving rise to impractical situations, as if this moral intrusive bossiness is supposed to be spiritual. As a result of this ridiculous feud, the Church will use the hard-earned wealth of their previous and current congregations to make lawyers richer. And for what? To reinforce old-fashioned and simply dangerous rules they stand by, even though most Catholics choose to ignore them. If the church really cared about their followers, they would attempt to progress into the 21st century and act to protect their “people” – both the Pope and the Order of Malta.


Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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16 thoughts on “Knights Of Malta Square Off With Pope Francis In Condom Investigation Feud [VIDEO]

  1. Can I just say that I love the title of your article (in a scared for human kind sort of way)?

    Edit: I looked a bit more into it. If I understand correctly, condoms were distributed to sex slaves in Myanmar! What is WRONG with them?

    1. Apparently the Order thinks Pope Francis is too liberal — but it was the Order handing out the condoms! I guess their original mandate to provide medical care overrode the silly memos from Corporate, at least for awhile.

  2. The headline is awesome. It reminds me of a DBX song title “Two Smart Guys Fight About Michaelangelo”. Oddly enough the pope get’s a mention.

  3. When I first started reading this, I figured the controversy was over the Order distributing condoms to priests who wanted to participate in an orgy or something. Only in the Catholic Church can the reality be even sillier WITHOUT the gratuitous sex.

  4. The fact that the Pope wants to “investigate” this affair, even after the offending practice was stopped, strongly implies a petty, vindictive streak behind that papal smirk.

  5. What’s so hard about saying, “If you’re going to ignore our rules and enjoy sex outside marriage can you at LEAST be safe about it?”

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