Latest Kevin Sorbo Strawman Film to Begin Production April 8

It’s true, unfortunately. Kevin Sorbo, of Hercules fame, is in the midst of arguably the busiest time of his entire acting career.  Most people wouldn’t know it though, since a huge portion of his recent films share the same underlying themes — God, Jesus, or how stupid atheism is.

Since making a splash in the mainstream Christian scene as a strawman “atheist” professor in God’s Not Dead, Sorbo has starred in, or is scheduled to star in, an abundance of Christian propaganda films.  On April 8, Sorbo begins production on a new movie called One Nation Under God.

Image credit: Ash Gupta/IMDb
Image credit: Ash Gupta/IMDb

In this latest predictable depiction of Christian persecution, Sorbo stars as a teacher whose student makes a stand and questions a school policy in which (drumroll…) the words “under God” have been removed from the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Wait, you mean they just reverted the Pledge back to its original form, before people politicized it? Oh, I didn’t realize this was a horror film!  NOOOOOO!!!

One Nation Under God was written and is directed by Lisa Arnold, who co-produced God’s Not Dead, a film starring Kevin Sorbo in which he played an atheist philosophy professor who was proven wrong by a student when he told the class that God is dead. Oh the burrrrrn! Yes, men made of straw are quite flammable.  This ridiculous movie was glorified by the über-Christians who felt it gave them some kind of vindication or validated their position that atheists are so wrong. Damn us for asking for evidence of their outrageous supernatural claims. Pssst… the movie is fictional, just like your deity!

Here’s a list of Kevin Sorbo’s upcoming Christian releases, according to IMDb. Clear your calendars:

  • The UnMiracle (2017) – A suburban town is torn apart in the aftermath of an accidental teen drug overdose in this ensemble film exploring the mysteries of modern faith.
  • One Nation Under God
  • Forgiven
  • The Reliant (2017) – The collapse of the dollar precipitates widespread rioting and social unrest across the nation, leaving a lovesick girl struggling to care for her siblings in a stretch of woods bordered by lawless anarchy, wondering why a good God would let this happen.
  • Let There Be Light (2017) – An atheist experiencing a near-death experience converts to Christianity.
  • The Pastor (2018) – In a forgotten part of town, overrun by a ruthless gang; a community struggles with its faith.

With all this work, you have to think… either he’s one hell of a damn good actor who’s making a killing off of these movies, or no one else is willing to take on these legendary roles in low-budget, poorly-written cinematic masterpieces. I think you know what my money’s riding on.

No doubt, he’s a busy dude, and he’s certainly found his niche. But casting the same actor in all of these films is a dead giveaway for all of us who have critical thinking skills.  Kevin Sorbo + Religiously-themed title = Terribly written strawman Christian persecution film. Skip it, unless you like rolling your eyes.


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15 thoughts on “Latest Kevin Sorbo Strawman Film to Begin Production April 8

  1. And it’s kinda sad that half of America doesn’t notice what a straw man it is, because they also straw man us in exactly the same way. Come to think of it, do you think he could be pandering to their straw men?

  2. He and Teri Hatcher just had cameos on Supergirl and boy did they stink up the place. They’re both terrible. I know right wingers complain about Hollywood but in most cases they are actors lucky to have had any careers at all because they just aren’t that good. (Tim Allen, for example.) Kelsey Grammar is good which is the only reason multiple shows put up with his multiple drug abuse relapses. That behavior is not tolerated from very many people. He threw both Cheers and Frasier into chaos by not being able to work because he was too out of it.

    So yes, he’s pandering to the audience that will have them. What else is he going to do. He can’t very well get cast in something that requires actual acting. He has no skills for that. None.

  3. Meh. It’s a living. Better than what Jim Bakker does, which is better than what Peter Popoff does, which is better than what the Pope does.

  4. Damnit, Kevin!!! Hercules was tolerable for its cheese. and I actually enjoyed Andromeda. but absolutely not!!! I will not watch these releases!!!

    I assume Kevin must have money needs, trying to keep food in the belly, a roof over his head. If it was me, I think I would rather become homeless than sell my soul to the devil, doing this drivel.

    1. He’s a low-grade actor and a bit reasonably handsome. I don’t know if this trend is for the money or for a ’cause’. I assuredly hope not for the latter as that puts a blot on him – in the same way as Kirk (used to be cute) Cameron. Don’t go there, Kevin!!!!

      1. Oooh how I hate to share the jeart shattering truth. Kevin Sorbo (and Dean Cain) are dyed in the wool conservative Christians that think the reason their acting careers are just a little shit is because of a grand conspiracy by Liberal Atheists in Hollywood – and not, just maybe, they’re okay actors who’s best times passed in the 90’s but have still been able to find consistant work through the years.

        1. Both Sorbo and Cain has been doing smaller roles in the Supergirl series lately. It don`t get much more camp and cheesy than that.

  5. Matthew Broderick did — no-god awful. With Kristen Chenoweth as Marian. Great voice — 20 years too old for the part. It was sad. Sad!!

  6. …either he’s one hell of a damn good actor…

    …or they need a reliably bad actor to play the “evil atheist” in all their movies, just to make sure the “bad guy” character never gets too sympathetic or plausible.

  7. I still like Kevin Sorbo, maybe because I grew up watching ‘Hecules’ as a kid and he seems to be a good guy, it’s just his goofy Religion (I like to think he genuinely believes in) and recent “Christian stardom” that’s a disservice to his talent.

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy his performance as an arrogant atheist, it makes me laugh at the fantasy persona many Christians believe of Atheism/Atheists.

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