Milwaukee is Under Siege by Liars for Jesus

Winter is coming.

This week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation reported that FFRF is joining forces with Protect Our Children and Southeast Wisconsin Freethinkers to warn Milwaukee-area parents that Child Evangelism Fellowship, the organization responsible for predatory Good News Clubs, is beginning a two-week evangelism blitz in their communities and schools.

Each year, CEF chooses a new US city that they feel is just godless enough to need their “assistance” in poisoning the gullible minds of children by teaching them a fundamentalist view of the Bible — that everyone is a sinner, even for just thinking about sinning, and that “everything in the Bible is true because God never lies.” Say it with them and you’ll get some candy. Nope, not creepy at all.  CEF’s city-targeting program is called Good News Across America and has focused on Little Rock, Boston, Salt Lake, Minneapolis, Denver, Portland, Indianapolis, and Chicago (cleaned that one right up) in the past.  In order to accomplish these invasions, CEF partners with local fundamentalist churches, charges them a fee for training, and requires volunteers to sign their Statement of Faith that includes the following:

  • The Bible is inerrant
  • The Genesis creation story is true
  • The supreme mission of Christians is to preach the gospel to every creature
  • Jesus will return and you should be constantly looking for him
  • Those who aren’t saved will be thrown into a lake of fire and punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord.

They sound like a lot of fun at parties.

CEF’s goal in Milwaukee is to set up 5-day clubs similar to Good News Clubs, that are akin to a fundie boot camp for kids. In these clubs, according to FFRF, CEF focuses on sin and their belief that all children are sinners until saved by Jesus Christ. They shame and frighten kids by telling them their sinful ways make them undeserving of God’s love and eligible for eternal separation from everyone they love.  Imagine all of the things you hear from wackjob street preachers, reworded to a kid’s level, and put into songs and “fun” activities.

The biggest issue I take with CEF is that they’re liars.  You want to have a Bible camp for kids? Fine. You want to run an after-school Bible class, fuck you, but ok fine. But don’t lie about your intentions. Be transparent. Show us what you want to teach kids (if you want to see their curriculum you have to buy it, and it’s not cheap). And above all, don’t lie to parents. But that’s how they operate. They tell school officials and parents that they’re all about fun, games, prizes, and lessons from the Bible. Bullshit. They’re about spreading fundamentalism disguised as a “non-denominational” club, and they’re about scaring the shit out of little kids until they feel compelled to say a prayer of salvation one-on-one with a church volunteer and can be deemed “saved.”  CEF then reports that “victory” to their donors and sponsoring churches so they can get even more money to assist them with saving the world.  If half the parents who send their kids to CEF’s clubs even knew what happened there, the shit would hit the fan and this vile organization would get the exposure they deserve.  I’d love to see the day when CEF is forced to pay for the therapy that many of its attendees have to go through later in life to correct the guilt instilled in them by Good News Clubs.

FFRF is encouraging vigilance during this effort, asking people to “observe and document the activities of 5-Day Clubs that spring up in their community, so parents are not deceived about the clubs’ true nature and purpose.”

And by the way, FFRF is based in Wisconsin. Coincidence that Milwaukee was selected? I doubt it.


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Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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185 thoughts on “Milwaukee is Under Siege by Liars for Jesus

  1. The supreme mission of Christians is to preach the gospel to every creature

    Then they should start doing that. Get in scuba suits and preach to the sharks. Go to Snake Island ( and preach to the snakes. Crawl into a bullet ant colony and preach to them. Go to the Everglades and preach to the alligators. Just leave our kids alone.

  2. They should all head to the PNW to convert the Sasquatch. Nobody has ever been able to share the ‘good news’ with a Big Foot. Imagine all the Jesus Juice Bonus Points that would be awarded to the first evangelist to bring our forest cousins to the Lord.

  3. > Show us what you want to teach kids (if you want to see their curriculum you have to buy it, and it’s not cheap).

    Pity it isn’t on the “torrent network”.

  4. “punished with everlasting destruction”
    That’s a no brainer. I prefer everlasting destruction to eternal company of CEF pieces of shit.

    1. Let’s not get out of shape over this. Most likely few will wind up going to these vamps. I don’t see them being able to go into the schools with this in any form.

      1. Depends on the administration of the school. And while it would be illegal to be involved directly, by the time it got to court the events would be a fait acompli.

        1. And they purposely do it in schools right after classes end. I remember reading about one instance where they were offered a bigger space in a church across the street from a school for free and they turned it down. They don’t just want space for their clubs, they want to blur the lines between what they’re teaching and what the school is teaching to young kids who might not be able to tell the difference between what is taught at the school and what is being taught by the school.

      2. Underestimating them would allow them to form a 5th column undermining secular gov’t.

        That’s what they’re ALL about.

  5. Excellently done.

    Isn’t it just sooooo weird that this religion relies so heavily on dishonesty to sell itself and why it always targets really vulnerable people for its hard-sales tactics?

          1. If your god is so powerful, why not let it defend and speak for itself?

            (Debating theology with some people is about as productive as participating in that old debate: Can Mighty Mouse beat up Superman?)

          2. If God showed himself in his full form than our bodies would be destroyed because of our sin.

          3. No I think it destroys your claims. So are you going to do what you told me you would do. Also you say it is outlandish but again galaxies combining sounds outlandish and many scientists have debated and keep revising their statements no matter they say.

          4. That’s the thing about science. Beliefs that are formed based on scientific discovery are updated when new evidence is discovered. It’s impossible to know everything, and scientists are constantly trying to find new evidence and update hypotheses. That’s how the scientific method works, and you’re using technology right now that was discovered and runs based on it. Unfortunately, when evidence is discovered that refutes religious belief, religious beliefs don’t change. The religious double down on their supernatural nonsense and continue believing in a book written by desert dwellers who didn’t know where the sun went at night.

          5. Yeah and look at the world scientists have brought us to. We may have removed strains of diseases but others come back with twice the force. And actually scientific answers have proved religious beliefs given the fact that we know most events in the Bible happened.

          6. Really then explain to me how diseases we supposedly have gotten rid of have suddenly come back sure we can somewhat deal with them but some are far more dangerous. Science has pretty much messed with the environment and given us newer ways to kill each other. Science has its upsides and downsides but even when we seem to get better in the world things worse. So given the fact that multiple wars and conflicts have popped up all over the world and newer diseases have been discovered with many of them mutating and with very few cures.

          7. The fact you haven’t died yet from polio is a testament to scientific progress. I’m sorry, I just can’t anymore. You’re a fucking idiot. Go away. Get a fucking education that didn’t come from your pastor, creationist textbooks, or FoxNews and maybe you can come back for an intelligent conversation. Your willful ignorance is horrific.

          8. No I am not a moron and given the fact that although polio has been “dealt” with in many countries whose to say it can’t resurface just like rabies and bubonic plague. You just don’t want to face facts. Just because one disease hasn’t killed me doesn’t mean it can’t in the future with same being said for you.

          9. Then why don’t you shun all the technology that makes ‘others come back with twice the force’ (btw, citation required for that little piece of bullshit)

            Are you a hypocrite or an apostate?

          10. BTW, astronomical data can be verified MATHEMATICALLY.

            Show me the reality of your ‘god’ with evidence and mathematics, or admit you’re trying to conflate reality with your preferred delusion to the detriment of both.

          11. Evidence is not necessary but tell me who created the world and us complex organisms? An explosion could not create life.

          12. Evidence is not necessary

            ^^^^YOU LOSE…RIGHT HERE.

            You’re obviously either too idiotic or too terrified to undertake the pilgrimage to knowledge that would answer your questions.

            The short answer is:

            Math works. Astronomy is grounded in math, and can be demonstrated

            ‘god’ doesn’t work, apparently. and religion is grounded in ‘god’.

          13. We can SEE astronomical events.

            Demonstrate your ‘god’ before you try to claim its reality.

          14. Because it was so hilarious that it’s worthy of a good loud horselaugh.

          15. When you understand WHY you feel that way about Thor, then you’ll understand why I feel that way about your ‘yahweh’.

            I mean, we’re both atheists…I just don’t believe in one MORE ‘god’ than you do.

          16. How can a religion which predates Christianity make Christians sin? How was Thor created to lead Christians down the path of sin?

          17. I think the one true god is Shiva, destroyer and remaker of the world, as explained in the Vedas. The Almighty didn’t need to sacrifice anything for humanity to be saved, why would an all powerful god need to do so? He is gracious enough and powerful enough to judge you for your deeds alone, without a need for atonement. Simply being a good person allows you to be judged lightly.

          18. Yes, if the person does more cosmic good than evil. Very simple.

            Does your god forgive someone like Hitler and allow him into paradise? If so, then the god you believe in is far less moral than my god, who basis justice on actions, not beliefs.

            The entrance into heaven for your god is complicated, convoluted and based on requiring himself to do something no god needs to do.

          19. Way to move those goalposts!

            You’ll have burned off all that brain fat in NO time!

          20. Your ‘god’ would have to exist for ‘sin’ to have any meaning.

            I’m still waiting on you to demonstrate this silly ‘god’ is more than your fervently held delusion in lieu of any self-confidence.

          21. I prefer a ‘god’ that banished the Frost Giants.

            Have you seen any Frost Giants around, hunh? Have you?

          22. And why? There is only one God whose Soon died for our sins. Odin and other ancient “gods” act more human than we do.

          23. Nope. You believe a book that says that because the book says it’s true.

            I could believe in the Harry Potter books, or The Lord of the Rings, with such a circular argument. They’d be better choices, too, as they’re better written, are more consistent, and teach better life lessons.

          1. Then tell me what created the world otherwise move on if you find my kind to be stupid and annoying as you have said.

          2. No one knows for sure what “created the world,” especially those who say they know “the truth.”

          3. I don’t know HOW the world coalesced, although scientists have some pretty consistent ideas.

            I’m pretty sure no particular THING (i.e. ‘what’) did any ‘creating’, as that would violate all the scientific models.

            I don’t want just your answer, either. I want your EVIDENCE.

            You’re far too pat in trotting out assertions. Back them up or don’t waste our time with them (and yourself, now that I think about it)

      1. As far as I can see you seem to be manipulating their message into something it isn’t. Regardless of whether or not you believe me, your articles have little facts. I will pray that you God’s light before your days come to end.

        1. Again, please cite examples. Just saying “you’re lying” doesn’t hold any water. I cover the dishonest and manipulative dealings of the Good News Club very often, and unlike them, I’m honest in what I report. Where have I misrepresented their “message”? Are you saying they DON’T threaten kids with hell? Are you saying they DON’T tell kids they’re sinners just for thinking about sin? Are you saying they DON’T teach kids that everything in the bible is true because god never lies? I’ve attended GNC meetings IN PERSON. I’ve seen these things and I have videos to prove their intimidation tactics. Tell me again how I misrepresent this abusive organization. Or don’t, and just shut the fuck up since you have no idea what you’re talking about. Good day.

          1. So telling kids about Hell is threatening and it is wrong to say do not think about committing sin? You seem to be the one who does not understand what you are talking about. The organization as far from what I see and read is portraying the truth especially considering the Bible is the word of God containing not only prophecies but also lessons, and history. So I suggest you stop talking.

          2. Now who’s twisting? They don’t “tell” kids about hell. They threaten them with it. They tell them that if they don’t follow the exact teachings of the GNC (Biblical literalism & fundamentalism) they will be separated from all of their loved ones for eternity in hell. They are 7 year olds! Do you know how emotionally damaging that is to a little kid? And because they’ve even THOUGHT about disobeying their parents, they qualify for this extreme punishment. The only way to avoid this is by dedicating their lives to Jesus. These are kids who walked in the door wanting to be cowboys and princesses when they grow up and the GNC tells them they’re all destined for hell unless they do what the GNC says. They tell them they’re flawed and that they have the only cure. Here’s some fucking candy.

          3. Yeah and I am pretty sure many child psychologists are Christians and teach their children about Hell with zero problems.

          4. I thought you said you were going to ban me. Don’t have the guts to do it? Also I was taught about Hell as a kid and it isn’t intimidation.

          5. I was too. But I wasn’t taught the way these kids are being taught. If you haven’t witnessed it then you don’t know what you’re talking about. I have, and I’ve seen the GNC’s training videos. They are absolutely psychologically abusive, without a doubt.

          6. Oh I know you can do it but why are you going to tell me. So you can threaten me or warn me?

          7. I don’t hate god. Do you hate things that you believe don’t exist? Do you hate unicorns and sasquatches? If you think atheists hate god then you don’t know what an atheist is. Email me your address and I’ll send you a free copy of my book, Understanding an Atheist. Maybe it will clear up some misunderstandings you have.

          8. And THAT is the problem, right there.

            YOUR KIND refuse to accept that there are *infinite* paths in life, and many of them are not harmful, some others actively helpful, and NONE of them need your approval.

          9. “I took the one less traveled by,
            “And that has made all the difference.”
            — Robert Frost

          10. you want to explain why there are thousands of Christian denominations with their own take and paths in life?

            which denomination is yours Kendall?

          11. Demonstrating and telling the truth are ‘what is wrong with the world’?

            How bleak a life you must lead.

          12. Wrong book representing ‘what is wrong with the world’

            That would be the xtian bible in all its contradictory permutations.

          13. Show me your ‘god’ before you try to conjure with it.

            Your demonstration has to fit ONLY your ‘god’, and be something YOU would be willing to accept as evidence of somebody *else’s* supernatural claims that contradict yours.

          14. Come up with a better response and let me ask you something. What created the world and how the organisms in it come to be without a God? Also the Bible mentions the world came to believe in multiple gods.

          15. Better still, rather than changing the subject, JUST OFFER UP THE EVIDENCE!!!!

            I know, a wild and crazy idea.

            But you should consider it.

          16. Why not?

            If you’re doing something offensive, a good host gives a warning before pitching the miscreant out on his/her ear.

          17. HEWBT said: “You’re a catnip mouse…just SO much fun to bat around :-)”
            And then Kendall Fields replies: “Horrible pun.”

            What pun? Did you mean “metaphor”?

          18. They who laugh last…didn’t get the joke the first time.

            It’s funny because we’re laughing AT you, precisely BECAUSE you demand respect that you’ve neither earned nor deserve.

            Be respectable and you’ll get respect. Be contemptible, and you’ll get our contempt…which is good clean fun 🙂

          19. We learn about wars, etc.

            YOUR KIND *approve* of them as long as your ‘god’ ordered them.

          20. God had legitimate reasons for dealing with Canaan and even then they spared those who willing came to believe in him. Plus the Bible makes sure you cannot force anyone into slavery and/or sell them off otherwise they would be executed.

          21. Your ‘god’ doesn’t demonstrably exist.

            It’s just an excuse for YOUR KIND, who are generally incapable fuckups in life, to be able to lord over others who are both sweeter of personality and smarter in intellect than yourselves.

          22. My child learned about slavery at age 10, not 6. He learned about world wars the next year. He learned about genocide in middle/high school. Why would you teach a six year old about any of those things?!

          23. Demonstrate that xtianity has ANY truth in ANY of its supernatural claims.

          24. How is lying to children and condemning them for natural, harmless tendencies NOT emotionally damaging, you shitheel?

          25. Also teaching kids about Hell is not intimidation. It tells you that if you chose to not follow God that is your path and you will face judgment for your sins. We are all flawed and telling the kids about Jesus and how he is the only way, the truth and the light is honesty.

          26. So telling kids not to commit crimes unless they want to spend time in jail is intimidation?

          27. You’re conflating your supernatural nonsense with actual demonstrable facts.

            It’s almost as if you realize you’ve got NOTHING without supernatural threats.

          28. Yep, you’re Frank, all right.

            The style, the sanctimony & smarm, and the vague deepity platitudes are just too similar.

          29. That is the job of Officer Friendly in grade school assemblies, not some fake hoopdedoo party time Christians.

            Ultimately, the parents of Milwaukee will make their own decisions about sending their kids to Jebus Day Camp.

          30. Of *course* it’s intimidation! You’re telling kids that merely being BORN damns them to hell, that emotions EVERYBODY experiences are evil even when they aren’t acted upon, and that there’s this vengeful supernatural mindreader who will get them for *thoughtcrime*

            I don’t care what you think, only what you say and do.

            YOUR KIND try to scare kids into believing in THOUGHTCRIME so you can sell them *your* cure, a life of fear, depression, anxiety, and authoritarian browbeating.

          31. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re Frank, of late and unlamented bannitude.

            Your style is very similar.

            When you can’t refute an argument, retreat to cryptic insults and pathetic attempts at aloof ‘superiority’.

          32. How is it not intimidating? I hated that shit when I was a kid. I saw it as fear-mongering before I even had the words to describe it.

          33. Fuck you, and fuck your evil religion.

            I’d say fuck your ‘god’, too, but since there’s no evidence it exists outside your fevered co-imaginations, that would just be *silly*


          34. And by the way, they tell parents NOTHING about this. The only thing parents know is that they’re signing up for fun, games and bible stories. Sounds great. What they don’t tell them (purposely) is that they’ll be converting their kids to fundamentalist Christianity through intimidation and fear. Yay.

          35. Your excuses get old and I thought you said you were not going to say anything especially after you said Good day. So are you going to stop responding or not.

          36. Go ahead and do it and you will just prove my point. Either face the truth that you are lying or don’t I will stay for you.

          37. Your “evidence” matters little especially when all you are doing is the same thing people do to others.

          38. Typical of YOUR KIND.

            When you’re losing (almost always in any logical argument) you retreat to non sequiturs and deepities.

          39. Simply by being reduced to spluttering deepities rather than, as YOUR KIND tend to do, trying to metaphorically whip those with whom you disagree back to our kennels, you’re losing.

            We’ve discovered we have teeth, and there’s not much that’s tastier than the scourge that was used to lash our backs.

          40. YOU obviously haven’t bothered to read Kevin’s detailed analysis, but want us to retreat before your indignant sniff.

            Doesn’t happen in the real world, missy.

            Put up or shut up.

          41. Because, you pathetic waste of protoplasm, we’ve decided to fight back and make you either demonstrate or recant your unfounded claims.

            By doing so, more and more people all the time can be freed of the scourge, the mind-rape, that religion IS. People are leaving all the time because we’re weakening the power of fear you inculcated in children before the age of reason, and we’re determined to make sure EVERYBODY has the choice to live free of supernatural terror if they so desire.

          42. Considering I just refuted his statements on them threatening kids your evidence has nothing in it.

          43. Nope.

            You’ve made an unsupported argument “The bible is true because the bible is true”, and you seem to be very disturbed that we are demanding evidence rather than simply taking you at face value.

            YOUR KIND doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, due to your track record of Lying for Jebus™

          44. Uh, just because you don’t like reality doesn’t change it.

            YOU have been incoherently attacking because your superstitious religious fee-fees are hurt, and all you’ve imparted so far is that YOU’RE SO OFFENDED, and you demand we deny reality to make you feel better.

            Ain’t gonna happen, missy.

          45. Nope. No shifting the burden of proof.

            YOU made an assertion.

            Back up your assertion or recant it (and your idiotic xtianity while you’re about it)

          46. Then describe it in painstaking detail.

            I’ve just heard a lot of ‘NUH HUH!!!!’ from you.

          47. What ‘truth’ have you provided, other than that you are suffering from a delusion so ingrained that you’ll defend it to the death because of the pain you fear if it goes away?

          48. You don’t have a point. All you have is the ability to baww about people lying, but you lack the ability to back up your assertion.

          49. WHO exactly is rambling?

            I swear, it’s like you’re playing “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue”

            That got old in elementary school.

          50. Um, yeah, it IS his site. You’re arrogant and presumptuous even by Christian standards.

          51. You’re projecting again.

            Kevin has backed up ALL of his points.

            YOU are trying xtian apologetics, which don’t work without begging the question by inserting your desired conclusion into the starting premises.

          52. Show me your ‘hell’ exists before you pollute innocent childrens’ minds with it.

            A demonstration as compelling as that for the existence of air or gravity would be sufficient, as long as it’s specific to your particular superstition.

          53. I don’t think scaring the kiddies into lockstep with your toxic belief system is humane, nor is it good child wrangling.

          54. When your curriculum references hell over 300 times, sin almost 5000 times, but grace only 58 times, “love they neighbor” one time, and the golden rule never – it’s clear what you are teaching is not a loving, forgiving God. You are teaching hate and fear to children as young as 6 years old. If this is the “truth” of your religion, your religion is nothing like the Christianity I grew up with.

          55. >>>”So telling kids about Hell is threatening…”

            And it is lying…don’t forget that.

            You think telling little kids about your boogie man is helpful? It’s not…it’s creepy and sick. I should know, your kind did it to me. It is downright deranged.

          56. Telling kids about Hell only proves you have nothing else to offer them but made-up threats. Even when I was a Christian I understood that.

        2. E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E or STFU & GTFO.

          You’re casting aspersions…and doesn’t your book say something against bearing false witness?

    1. YOUR KIND are so lost to reality that it’s not only over the horizon but on another planet.

      IF you can refute his points, do so. A blanket condemnation is the typical useless bullshit we’ve come to *expect* from YOUR KIND.

    2. When you are praying you are not able to do any harm. Talking to yourself like that will help save the world. Get all your religious friends to pray, all the time.

    3. that was condescending and presumptuous. the bible says take the plank out of your own eye. I dont even believe in christianity but at least i know enough to know that YOU are out of line.

    4. Dec 29, 2014 – The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating after two people were … were then hit by another car driven by 20-year-old Kendall Fields. Well, seems god doesnt want you around either. go bother someone else.

  6. “Those who aren’t saved will be thrown into a lake of fire and punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord.”

    So people in heaven would be watching people in hell being tormented in flames forever? Does that sound like fun to anyone?

  7. Not surprised really. this kind of things been going on since i was a kid. In fact, some of it is parents giving the go ahead for this kind of bullshittery. Perhaps this is why i think parents these days dont care about kids as much as they claim to. The only thing you can do is expose them for what they are and what they are doing. however, christians are agressive and closed minded, and it might take other points of view going up against them than the atheist one.

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