NC Pastors Share Love of Jesus by Erecting Anti-Immigration Billboard

A group called the North Carolina Pastors’ Network (NCPN) has put up a controversial billboard supporting Trump’s travel ban and warning citizens about “Muslim immigrants.”

The billboard states, “Why Support President Trump’s Immigration Ban??? 19 Muslim immigrants killed 2977 Americans September 11, 2001.”

Image credit: WSOC
Image credit: WSOC


If you’re unfamiliar with the North Carolina Pastors’ Network (I was), according to their website, they’re a political organization dedicated to supporting initiatives, legislation, and candidates with Biblical values (whatever the hell those are).  Their other pet issues include fighting the ability of transgender people to use the public restroom they identify with, defunding and/or eliminating Planned Parenthood, and preaching to the nation that Jesus Christ is the only cure for what ails the United States.

So now you understand what we’re dealing with here.

There are a few problems with NCPN’s rationale here. First, we haven’t had a Muslim immigration ban for the past 15-plus years, and another 9/11-type attack has not occurred.  Instead of banning Muslims from coming to the US, we’ve stepped up airport security measures and improved anti-terrorism intelligence.  A rational person would agree that we’re doing a relatively good job preventing another massive attack without alienating an entire religion.

Second, although I’m not a Christian, I would assume that Jesus’s love applies to all, not just people who aren’t Muslim immigrants. It seems odd that a group who encourages spreading the love of Jesus would outwardly advocate against allowing Muslim immigrants to enter this country in search of a better education, safer living situation, and more prosperous life.  Instead, because a tiny percentage of radicalized Islamists attacked the US over 15 years ago, we should shut the door on all Muslims seeking refuge from a war-torn Middle East.

Here’s how the president of NCPN addresses this point on their website:

“Well, let me unequivocally say this. I am more than willing to die for MY faith. But, I am NOT willing to die, or allow my family to do so, for HIS faith! And, that is precisely what Islamic extremists are doing. They are killing for their faith and ideological belief system.”

But isn’t dying for your faith (a drastic assumption that would happen in the first place) the same as dying for someone else’s? I mean, normally if you’re martyred, you’re being killed in advancement of someone else’s religion over yours, right?  How exactly do you die for your faith without dying for someone else’s at the same time? It makes no sense to me.

Third, as many have noted before me, Trump’s proposed travel ban doesn’t include any of the countries the 9/11 terrorists came from. But based on NCPN’s statement above, I assume they’d advocate for a ban of all Muslims if asked. After all, the goal of this organization is to get Christians into office and support Christianity-based legislation. Sounds pretty theocratic to me… something they rail against on their website:

“There is a judicial, legal, political system within Islam. In other words, Islam dictates ALL aspects of the adherents (sic) life. And, not just the individual’s life. Islam dictates the legal, political, judicial life of the nation where it is in the majority. So, it’s far more than a mere religion.”

This group is dripping with hypocrisy. They advocate for government based on Christianity, but criticize another religion for doing exactly what they want to do.

NCPN’s billboard is a message of intolerance, plain and simple. It’s the message we see from Christians in the US every day. “If you want to live in the US, worship like us or we’ll turn everyone against you by equating you with the most evil among you.”

If we’re to use the bad actors of a group as the basis of which to judge them all, then let’s ban Christians from all positions of power, since they’ve been found guilty of egregious abuses in pretty much any category you can think of.

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Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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103 thoughts on “NC Pastors Share Love of Jesus by Erecting Anti-Immigration Billboard

      1. I’m pleased to see that this rendering of Jesus was done properly. I hope we can all (at the very least) agree that he is/was a white dude…

      2. Actually, the hard, vicious Christianity was the original. North Americans are more familiar with the neighbor-loving morality Christianity adopted under the influence of Enlightenment values.

      1. Then please share how the republican agenda and the Jesus message matches up. Didn’t Jesus talk about helping the poor? The republican message to the poor is basically Fuck you. How well does it mesh with the christian message?

    1. From what I can gather from talking to some of them, it’s abortion. They are willing to ignore all the other shit, pussy grabbing, tax policy, losing their medical insurance – as long as they can get rid of abortion. Plus of course Hillary is a witch apparently.
      Actually, I’m not sure if it’s ignoring so much as not believing it will happen to them. Because I mentioned it all, and they didn’t even bother to reply – just kept reiterating the “facts”.

      1. “From what I can gather from talking to some of them, it’s abortion.”

        It’s not abortion. Abortion is the excuse, just as jihad is the excuse some Muslims use for violence. Just like Muslim jihadis, they’re terrified and angry, and they’ve convinced themselves they’re victims of a grand conspiracy.

  1. So I guess now people who are so called offended will want to rewrite history to say 9-11 never happened either. I can’t understand how people chose to disregard the facts of what truly happened on 9-11, America was attacked by terrorist and Americans died.

    1. Uh…what? Did you read the post at all? Absolutely no one is suggesting anything remotely like that.

      The travel ban that Trump’s been pushing doesn’t include the countries the 9/11 terrorists came from. Most of them came from Saudi Arabia. Pointing that out isn’t disregarding that 9/11 happened. Nothing in this post disregards it. Perhaps you commented on the wrong post?

      1. Can’t read, much less comprehend anything that is contrary to beliefs ingrained by brain washing methods.

    2. Yep. Shrub was totally asleep at the wheel and let the terrorist-tourists in on easy-pass visas. They applied by mail.

    3. The 911 terrorist came from a country that is not part of the ban! So in addition to being un-Christian they are also un-smart!

      1. The ban is aimed at people coming from countries where vetting is impossible. 90 percent of the world’s Muslim population would remain unaffected.

    4. And most of those terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. What’s that?! They’re FRIENDS with us…! Oh well, then there must be some mistake!

    5. “I can’t understand how people chose to disregard the facts of what truly happened on 9-11…”
      You’ve somehow convinced yourself that opposing the Muslim ban is about love of Islam rather than a defense of freedom of religion. Your religion’s history is as violent as Islam’s, and I hate it just as much as I hate Islam. But I don’t think you should be banned from travel to the United States based on your religion alone. I recognize that most Evangelicals are just good people who want to live their lives in peace, despite the rhetoric of your most famous religious leaders.

  2. I was wondering what biblical verses they’d use to support their position — de rigueur for a pastors’ group, surely? — but I’m not surprised they couldn’t find any.

    “Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” — Deuteronomy 10:19

    1. Aren’t there quite a few passages in the OT about not allowing strangers among you and calling for the death of Jews marrying outsiders?
      Edit: Numbers 25:6 ff for example.

      Really, whatever the topic, you will probably find whatever opinion you want to support somewhere in the bible.

  3. 2 questions : how many people have Christians killed in America.

    And if the people who follow Jesus are called Christians, because they followed Christ what was he? He wasnt a Christian.

    1. 2 on the train in the Pacific Northwest where they were defending a couple of muslim women, for starters.

  4. Never mind the fact that here in America I stand a much, much better chance of being killed by a non Muslim that by an Islamic terrorist.

  5. Jesus’ love seems to be based on
    ultimatums (John3:18)
    fear mongering and
    threats (Matthew 10:14,15)
    Adhering to tribalistic supremacy (John 14:6)


    1. and the Koran tells the Muslims to “convert or kill non-believers.” Jesus said to pray for your enemies and those who persecute you.

      1. weird…
        Jesus also said this about unbelievers…are you ready?
        matthew 10:14,15

        14 If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. 15 Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.

        How exactly are threats of violence for being rejected a demonstration of love?

        “Praying” for ppl who persecute you seems to suggest god is unaware of said persecution…

  6. >>>”…a book aimed at improving relationships between the religious and their atheist loved ones…”<<<
    This article was written in such a kind, gentle, and loving manner, with the views of the other side taken into consideration in a fair and decent way, that this will improve relations sooo much, …….NOT!

    1. LOL. I think you’re confusing “improving relationships” with kissing Christians’ asses regardless of what bigoted shit comes out of their mouths, or in this case, gets slapped onto a billboard.

      Sure, I’m interested in helping people improve relationships within their families, and I’ve been successful at it. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to call out bigotry when I see it.

      1. Christianity is the only religion which the left thinks it’s wonderful to insult and make fun of. Islam-“The Religion of Peace” (what a joke)-is to be exalted above all others, even though their jihadists want to kill non-believers.

        1. Wrong. The left does not defend the tenets of Islam. The left just seems like the only people willing to stand up for those who are wrongly prejudiced against. Just like we don’t judge all Christians based on the right-wing abortion clinic bombers, we also don’t judge all Muslims based on jihadists. All belief systems have the potential to be dangerous, and most religions have driven its followers to murder others, especially Christianity. When you start judging the whole based on the worst of them, you become part of the problem.

        2. Wrong, demonstrably so, islam, like christianity, is just as stupid as the rest of the religions. The extremist of both religions have no problems killing people to further their agendas. You claim that islam being a religion of peace is a joke, where do you stand on christianity? If you believe in the myth then god killed the entire world, plants, animals, people. Jesus will come back with a sword and kill most of everbody. They seem nice. Oh is that the part where you will know christians by their love? Is it all the killing part? Is that the love?

          1. and Kevin Davis, I blocked you, so I don’t have to read any more of your so-called “writing.”

          2. Radical Islamists have a worldwide Caliphate to outbreed the people in whatever country they settle in, to convert or kill “infidels,” and to install Sharla law. They would kill most of you who defend them.

          3. Where is my defense of radical islamists? Your comment has nothing to do with what I wrote. Did you put it on the wrong one? This just pure xenophobia. As Joe indicates below christians have a similar plan. These same statements were made by bigots about the catholics when they came to america. No one is defending radical anything, I condemn the assholes of ISIS as well as the assholes that kill people at planned parenthood, or really anyone that is using hate

          4. You’ve apparently fallen for a large load of silly propaganda. Fertility rates in much of the Muslim world are dropping. In fact Iran may currently have a fertility rate slightly lower than that of the US. The rates in primarily Muslim Indonesia and Malaysia are also around replacement rate. The birth rates for Muslims living in secular Western countries follow the same general trends as those for non-Muslims living in those countries. They are dropping.

            100 some years ago the same paranoia was found among some North American Protestants regarding the primarily Catholic immigrants from places like France, Italy, and Ireland. They would outbreed the good Protestant folk and make Canada and the United States vulnerable to Catholic domination. This of course didn’t happen. It won’t happen with Muslims either. And you can expect that decades from now the children of today’s Muslim immigrants will say the same kind of things about whoever the bogeyman of the era is.

        3. Christianity is the only religion which the left thinks it’s wonderful to insult and make fun of.

          No, they’re all shit. Islam included.

  7. NC Pastors are correct. Libs tell us to bow & be beheaded by the evil Muslim invaders, or we’re “racist” “xenophobic” .

      1. Name-calling by libs, because you can’t win debating the issues. The worldwide Caliphate going on right now by the radical Islamists is a danger to all “infidels,” regardless of what Obummer and “Illary” have said. Their Koran tells them to “convert or kill non-believers.”

        1. Do you know how many Muslims live in the US? What percentage of them have carried out an act of terrorism? Your hyper-alarmism is total nonsense. Do you also call for the banning of Christians when an abortion clinic is bombed? If not, then you ARE a xenophobe. It’s not name calling, it’s accurate labeling.

          1. Name-calling, again. The left’s first line of attack, trying to end the debate with their “moral superiority” (conservatives are “racist, sexist, xenophobe….). You really need to study up on what the Muslims are doing worldwide right now, it is frightening.

          2. And avoidance of the questions I asked is the right’s first line of attack, since their xenophobia is not supported by facts. If you’re going to say something xenophobic, I’m going to call you a xenophobe. Cry me a river.

  8. “There is a judicial, legal, political system within Islam. In other words, Islam dictates ALL aspects of the adherents (sic) life. And, not just the individual’s life. Islam dictates the legal, political, judicial life of the nation where it is in the majority. So, it’s far more than a mere religion.”

    Islam isn’t a religion because Muslims are too religious? Really?

  9. Kevin Davis, the author of this article, just used the f-word twice responding to me on my post. Calling a reader a “f-ing idiot” is not exactly the way to encourage new readers. Kevin–you have NO BUSINESS working with elementary level kids if you can’t control your temper and language with an adult trying to merely debate issues with you.

    1. “…Kevin–you have NO BUSINESS working with elementary level kids…”

      I don’t know Kevin, but my guess is that he doesn’t swear at kids, or in front of them. He probably also doesn’t tell them they’ll go to hell if they question the bizarre stories they’ve been told to believe– by “good” adults like you.

    2. Seems appropriate, what you were saying WAS pretty stupid.

      But I have to correct you, Kevin didn’t call you a “f-ing idiot”, he called you a “fucking idiot”.
      Of course, everyone knows what f-ing means, but that just makes you look stupid when you censor it that way.

  10. My compliments to Kevin Davis for not blocking opposing comments on his articles, as Evangelical Christians nearly always do.

    1. He doesn’t block them, he just calls them names and tells them to f*ck off! What a real hero! He should be an antheist, like he proclaims, because he is a really angry human being.

  11. If these pastor’s were being ‘biblical’ they would be calling for genocide, just like their god did in the OT. We should be thankful. /s

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