We Need to Do More of This If We Want to Stop the Good News Club

Anyone who has followed this blog knows how deplorable I feel the Good News Club’s practices are.  They’re psychologically abusive, predatory, deceiving, and underhanded.  I’ve given several talks where I’ve discussed their methods, and have had countless discussions with folks who are concerned about their impact and accessibility to the most vulnerable among us.  In those discussions, I’ve often urged you to stay vigilant, speak up, even attend GNC meetings, and make sure they know we’re watching.

This morning, I came across a tweet from a public elementary school in Missouri that linked back to a public Facebook post.  The school was reminding parents of a Good News Club meeting this week.  And well, since I’m part of the public, I thought I’d respond:


I’m sure I’ll be blocked soon, but I’ve said my piece, and someone in the school’s administration will read it.  It’s quite possible that some parents will also read it.  It’s also possible that some affiliated with the GNC may read it.  If you feel so inclined, feel free to stop by and share your thoughts as well.

It’s important that things like this don’t go unresponded to.  It’s important that people know we’re there, and that the Good News Club isn’t operating without oversight.  Writing a Facebook comment takes less than a few minutes and could have a significant impact. It could actually save a kid from being sent to an abusive environment.

There is no better time than now to get involved — in any way you can.

Be rational. Be outspoken. Be heard.

UPDATE:  The school removed the post but did not block me.  So at a minimum, simply commenting prompted removal of their reminder about the GNC meeting.  I can only hope that will cause at least one of the parents to forget to send their kids.

UPDATE #2:  Here’s another school doing the same, and another one here. Same comment left (for now).


Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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15 thoughts on “We Need to Do More of This If We Want to Stop the Good News Club

  1. Religious kids have ever right to set up a so-called “Good News Club” as long as the schools teachers and administrators are not involved in it.

    1. Well, that’s just silly, because the ‘Good News Club’ is a national organization run by, you guessed it, adults.

    2. Kids don’t set up Good News Clubs. Religious zealots from the community do. Good News Clubs are run by parents, teachers, and religious leaders. Their sole purpose is to indoctrinate children into their version of fundamentalist Christianity so they can fill the seats in their churches for the coming years. It’s purely an effort to make sure churches don’t die out like they should. And the way they go about it is disgusting.

      1. Oh, so THAT’S what those buildings are — they seem to be all over the place. At least in my little corner of the world, you can’t go half a block without stumbling across one, or two, or more.

  2. > Kevin Davis Translation: Don’t let your kids stay late at school on Thursday or The Good News Club will attempt to scare them into pledging their lives to Jesus, by teaching them they’re inherently flawed, have sinful hearts, and are deserving of death and eternal separation from everyone they love. The Good News Club is predatory and psychologically abusive. If you want to teach religion to your kids, do it at home or your church. Don’t let these fundamentalists do it for you.

    This needs to be a brochure.

    Also Reporting something to the FFRF.

    > UPDATE: The school removed the post but did not block me.

    Page is gone?

  3. How about tell the After School Satan Club to come to the school? The threat of a “Satanist” club may cause the school to close the GNC.

      1. Okay, it doesn’t seem to be working, but ASSC can still counter the message of the GNC by teaching skepticism, etc.

        They’re up in several elementary schools, but I haven’t heard of them shutting down any GNC chapters. It works for a visible protest against GNC all the same.

          1. Young Skeptics is better than ASSC. ASSC is useful to scare away GNC. Young skeptics is better for countering GNC’s message.

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