No, Allen West, Black Oppression Isn’t Gone Because You’re Successful

By now everyone knows the drama surrounding Colin Kaepernick, struggling quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.  Starting with sitting out the National Anthem and extending to speaking out against police brutality and presidential candidates, Kaepernick has been divisive to say the least.  While many have backed him, supporting his Constitutional right and NFL-allowed refusal to stand during the anthem, just as many have admonished him for his actions, calling him un-American, burning his jersey, or worse, directing racial slurs at him on social media (how ironic).

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Image credit: Wikipedia

One such anti-Kaepernick individual is Allen West, a retired Army Lt. Colonel and former Congressman.  On his website, West penned a letter titled “Message from a non-oppressed black man to Colin Kaepernick.”  In it, West compares Kaepernick to a fool, accuses him of ignorance, and blames all oppression of blacks on the Democratic party.

There are a few statements of West I’d like to address.

First, Allen West starts off the letter by insinuating that black oppression in the United States no longer exists, or at least is no longer a big problem.  How does he do this?  With examples of course!  We have a bi-racial President, have had two black Attorneys General, and we have a black Secretary of Homeland Security and National Security Advisor.  Well, fuck.  Racism is dead.  Allen West’s anecdotal evidence of a lack of black oppression in America is as weak as any argument I’ve heard to date, rooted in logical fallacy.

And even though West makes this claim of nonexistence, he later rattles off examples of problems in black communities and blames them all on the policies of Democrats in office.  So which is it? Does oppression exist or not?

Also in the letter, West calls Kaepernick a “multi-millionaire one-percenter” who shouldn’t be complaining about racism or oppression because he’s successful.  What West doesn’t seem to get is that Kaepernick wasn’t complaining about his own experiences. He was making a statement about the racism and oppression that Americans of color experience as a whole.  Apparently Allen West is unfamiliar with the idea of sticking up for other people and understanding the world around you, outside of your self-congratulating bubble.

And on a side note, Allen West’s website is littered with advertisements that would make right-wing conspiracy theory sites jealous (mostly aimed at Hillary Clinton when I was visiting).  That should tell you enough about the kind of person he is.


Kevin Davis

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16 thoughts on “No, Allen West, Black Oppression Isn’t Gone Because You’re Successful

  1. What West doesn’t want to admit is that as rich as Kaepernick is, a cop could still shoot him in cold blood then claim he was “afraid for his life” and many people would still blame Kaepernick for “threatening” the cop.

    1. Apparently Allen West doesn’t understand sticking up for someone else? Really? The man served his country and protected your freedom to write vulgar, liberal trash like you do! How many years did you serve, protecting other peoples rights? Or are you under the delusion that writing your second-rate crap actually helps others. While Allen West was honorably serving his country, you were probably hiding behind your mothers apron, thinking your atheist thoughts. You Sir are the quintessential definition of a LOSER!

      1. Which war was West in that fought for my rights? We haven’t had a war to protect American freedom in his lifetime.

        Thank you for your high praise regarding my writing. I had always thought my style was third-rate, but for someone of your stature and wisdom to describe it as second-rate really makes my day! I’m going to go back to “thinking my atheist thoughts” now, if that’s even a thing. Thanks for stopping by, and for more great content and merchandise, please consider supporting my Patreon. Cheers!

        1. Thank you for your brilliant response and once again your proof of ignorance. The very first day a soldier, sailor, marine or airman puts on his uniform, he commits to protecting the rights and freedoms of all Americans. Obviously you never served a day, because you have little to no understanding of the concept. You see as an active duty veteran, sent overseas, away from your loved ones and put in harms way to defeat foreign enemies before they can attack the homeland, you actually do protect rights and freedoms. The flag is a constant reminder to a veteran of why he/she voluntarily chooses to protect his/her country. How others before him/her and surely others after would willingly give up there own lives for what that flag symbolizes. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but surely someone of your high intellect (cough, cough) should get it!. Incidentally I actually think your writing is fourth rate, but I was trying to give you a little hope! Maybe your next book could be on how this great country of ours was founded and how its founded fathers relied on their faith in God.

          1. Committing to protecting rights and freedoms and actually being sent to do that are two different things. Like I said, we haven’t been in a war for our freedom in West’s lifetime. As much as you might think we’re bombing people half-way across the globe so they don’t attack our homeland, that’s not at all accurate. We didn’t enter Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, or Afghanistan because we thought they were going to attack us. That’s nonsense. We did it to defend other people’s freedoms and our own self-interests. Instead of calling me ignorant with no basis, maybe you would benefit from a history lesson instead. And if you don’t enjoy my writing, feel free to never return. I don’t need revisionist historians clogging up my comment feed with nonsense and Allen West apologetics.

          2. Bye Skipper – Sorry to not come back and cut your following by at least 50%. Despite our differences of opinion, I wish you well in your future writings and endeavors,

          3. I thought Korea and Vietnam were all about stopping the spread of evil communism. And all the gulf war fun and games were to stop evil towel heads from getting weapons of mass destruction that could destroy ‘murica. And the Gong Show was about bringing classy talent to viewers. Did television LIE to me? Damn.

          4. My father fought for freedom in World War II. Actually, he fought for his mates but whatever. He never ever tortured or caused to be tortured, a prisoner. Alan West did. So tell me, which freedom was he fighting for there?

  2. Which city should West stroll through to prove there’s no bias? New York?
    Baltimore? Los Angeles?

    These are all cities with cops eager enough to bust his melon for being dark-skinned. Maybe he’d learn something.

  3. This is the best article title I’ve seen in a while. And so so true. This guy seems to think that he is the barometer by which racism and race issues should be measured in America. He’s always talking about the “Democratic plantations” that are supposedly enslaving black people to the Democrats. The idiocy of this analogy is equaled only by it’s complete and total wrongness.

    I’m not going to type out a long rebuttal on why this analogy is complete stupidity and evidence of mental deficiency, but I will say this one thing.

    The slaves who lived in real plantations were not wooed there and given the choice of being there, like the Democrats are said to be doing in this analogy. They were made to be there by threat of force, and because it was enshrined in the law. They were property who had no rights. They could be killed for attempting to escape….or even just for learning.

    So no Allen West, there are no “Democratic plantations”. There is only you and the five remaining brain cells that inhabit your skull.

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