One of Trump’s Deplorables in Buffalo Hangs Noose in Front Yard as a ‘Political Statement’

Image credit: WKBW Buffalo
Image credit: WKBW Buffalo

“We’re not the greatest country in the world… we lost that… we’re dying… we’re going to all be hanging from there. Right now, it’s America hanging from it.”

Yeah, no. Adorning your house with Trump banners, one of which says “#TrumpMafia,” and capping it off with a noose, does not make a political statement that America is dying.  It tells people you want to put someone in there, whether that’s intentional or not.  From the video, it’s apparent that this man has several black neighbors, so showing some sensitivity to that by not putting a noose in his front yard would be the courteous thing to do. Otherwise, it’s pretty… I’ll say it… deplorable.

It’s people like this man, who lives less than 100 miles from me, that make me glad we live in the State of New York, a state that will undoubtedly remain blue in the Presidential election.  Stay home, pal.

Full story on WKBW Buffalo.


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28 thoughts on “One of Trump’s Deplorables in Buffalo Hangs Noose in Front Yard as a ‘Political Statement’

    1. And, in sadly predictable fashion, if you did that the far right types would be screaming bloody murder even though the message and intent of the noose is obvious. It would just be more denial, denial, denial…

  1. It’s most likely, of course, that this is a repulsively racist and violent bit of imagery, in which case I can’t see any good reason to listen to any suggestions this guy might have.

    It is also possible, of course, that this guy is so flatly stupid, deeply culturally ignorant, crushingly lacking in empathy, and fully incapable of doing even the most basic bit of research about anything at all in the world around him that he truly thinks this is not a repulsively racist and violent bit of imagery – in which case I can’t see
    any good reason to listen to any suggestions this guy might have.

    1. Sounds familiar…

      …I remember now:

      “Sluggish schizophrenia… was a diagnostic category used in Soviet Russia to describe a what they claimed was a form of schizophrenia
      characterized by a slowly progressive course…It was developed in the 1960s by Soviet psychiatrist Andrei Snezhnevsky and his colleagues, and was used exclusively in the USSR and several Eastern Bloc countries, until the fall of Communism starting in 1989. The diagnosis has long been discredited because of its scientific inadequacy and its use as a means of confining dissenters. It has never been used or recognized outside of Soviet Russia,or by international organizations such as the World Health Organization. It is considered a prime example of the political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union”

        1. Perhaps not to vomit.

          Well, I took my foster daughter to visit SUNY Buffalo today. What do I tell her? A noose in a city where she is considering college?

          1. Hey there Otto.
            I don’t want to assume anything about why you didn’t answer my question from a couple of days ago (not that you’re under any onus to do so, of course), maybe you just missed it, so I’ll re-state it in case it escaped your notice:

            What do you imagine the OP was afraid of – and why?
            Care to explain?

            I ask because you seem willing to take for granted that people were scared by this, and that that’s some sort of character failing. Presumably, your answer wouldn’t just be “I dunno why”, because that would suggest ignorance of what displaying a noose in your yard might mean in a historical context, which a google search would alleviate any ignorance of.

          2. So that is an “I dunno”, then?

            Or are you of the opinion you’re enough of an authority so that everyone should simply accept your definition of a ‘dumb question’?

          3. She is a traumatized kid. A noose generally refers to violence. Not really sure any positive references a noose would have.

            Also some black and white thinking there. Moms can multitask in the worry department.

  2. You want to mutilate the genitals of those expressing things you disagree with. Impressive. I would suggest reading the First Amendment, but obviously your problem is deeper than that.

    1. Funny how you see a serious threat to lynch someone, and then pretend to be offended by a joking suggestion in response to that threat.

          1. Uh…no? I’m not sure what you think those links mean. Are you trying to say that people aren’t getting lynched anymore, so a noose can’t possibly be interpreted as a threat? You could just come out and explain what you think instead of being vague and trolly about it.

  3. I like the first.

    I don’t care for the second.
    Bigoted actions are learned behavior.
    They can be un-learned.
    No mutilation required.

  4. I wonder if the author and other Clinton supporters are as concerned about the systematic manufacture of violence at Trump rallies by Democratic operatives as they are by a lone, deranged individual hanging a noose in his yard?

    We now have on video Democratic operatives admitting hiring people to incite violence at Trump rallies and one of these operatives has visited the Whitehouse over 300 times and met with Obama over 40 times. The videos demonstrate the operatives are closely affiliated with the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

    But we should be concerned about one sick individual with a noose. Right…

  5. One does wonder, when Trump loses, what kind of mass violence his supporters are going to pull. It’s clear that bloodshed will happen. The question is what exactly goes down. I’m hoping against hope that, despite years upon years of far right propaganda telling people that Jews, gays, blacks, atheists, etc are inferior subhumans that must be brought to hell, so many Americans oppose that message that the violence is minimal.

    1. What a delusional world you live in. Your predictions ring hollow when we have paid Democratic operatives on video tape describing how they incited violence at Trump rallies. It is the left that has a predilection to violence as evidenced by the lawless behavior of looters, rioters, Democratic operatives, and anarchists.

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