Pastor Greg Locke is Pissed: People are Donating to Planned Parenthood in his Name

Sometimes my faith in humanity is restored. This is one of those times.

Someone donating to Planned Parenthood on behalf of a bigoted, obnoxious anti-choice religious zealot like Greg Locke is funny enough. But when that loudmouth hate-spewer receives a thank you card from Planned Parenthood, and then actually posts a video about how pissed off he was about it… man, that’s comedy gold.  He titled it (in all caps, of course, because that’s the preferred formatting of unhinged psychos): PLANNED PARENTHOOD SENT ME A PERSONAL “THANK YOU” AND IT HAS ME LIT.

Pro tip, Greg:  If someone trolls you, don’t publicize how effective it was. Because, you know what… someone might write a story about it in hopes that a thousand more people do the same.

This is that story.

Check out what Locke had to say about the very thoughtful card Planned Parenthood sent him:

Aww. Poor guy. Probably helped a low-income woman get a mammogram. The horror!

Ok, so here’s the call to action.

  1. Please go to Planned Parenthood’s donate page. If that link doesn’t work, go to and select “Donate” in the top-right. Your donation can be as little as $5.
  2. Make sure you check the box that says “Yes, my gift is in honor or in memory of someone special.”
  3. In the Honor Gift section, enter in Greg Locke’s info. This is the address of his church.
    • Pastor Greg Locke
    • 2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd.
    • Mt. Juliet, TN  37122

If there is a god — ok there isn’t but let’s pretend — Pastor Greg will create another video for the pure entertainment of the people trolling him.  Pretty please?

Ok, go go go!!!


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Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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272 thoughts on “Pastor Greg Locke is Pissed: People are Donating to Planned Parenthood in his Name

  1. He speaks as if he’s never read about the biblical flood. Weird.

    “There has never been and organization in the world that has killed more innocent people other than radical Islam than that of Planned Parenthood.”

    Though, reading that quote again I should retract my flood statement. Because, fiction. But he does act as though the Nazis weren’t Christian…

    1. Everyone know that there are a lot of Christians b/c their ancestors had to choose to convert if they wanted to stay alive. The Massacre at Béziers was b/c they were the wrong kind of Christian.
      Anti-balaka, a christian terrorist group, is still raping and killing non-Christians.

  2. “There has never been an organization in the world that has killed more innocent people…than that of Planned Parenthood.” Obviously he knows very little about the history of Christianity.

      1. Because I will also be sending autographed pictures of myself from each Donor in a sweet turtle neck so he can hang them on the wall. I had the link to donate on the gofundme but his followers had my campaign taken down for a few hours. Donate either way, fuck this guy!

  3. One of their fantastic come backs.

    Blood money and they will all stand before God one day and have to give an account. They will wish they had never done what they did. God is a just God and we all have to stand one day.

    About as threatening as a kid saying he’ll tell his mommy on you. Woooooooo.

    1. Not worried a bit. MY imaginary friend can beat up his imaginary friend with one imaginary hand tied behind his imaginary back.

    2. If there is a God, he will have to answer to me. I am not one bit impressed with what he has been up to, I mean Old-Testament God, what an arsehole (just because you change your name doesn’t mean your actions are no longer associated God, I am on to you).

  4. Me thinks “Pastor Greg” needs to study up on his christian religion! They have killed thousands and thousands in the name of God. Crusades, Witch trials in Europe (and US), the Inquisition, to some extent slaves can be included as they looked to their ‘good book’ as confirmation that they were okay with what they were doing.

    1. Missionaries are still doing that. They keep approaching uncontacted tribes. They don’t care that they would get those people sick and wipe them out.

      1. Doing something good in someone’s name isn’t the same as sending them death threats and setting fire to their property. That’s for pro-birthers.

          1. No, I’m a woman and a mother who understands that being wanted makes all the difference in the life of a child.

          2. Shut up, you’re just a ghoul.

            Not being chopped up while still alive makes all the difference in the life of a child.


          3. Most of the time, these are the results of late-term abortions on unviable or other damaged fetuses. And the women, many of whom wanted to be mothers, choose to donate because they understand that their tragedy might mean life for someone else.

            Our current vaccines against measles, rubella, and shingles, the first two of which are particularly deadly both to very young children and fetuses in utero, are a RESULT of such fetal tissue. The women who choose to donate save lives.

            That you would condemn such women bespeaks your lack of Christian compassion.

            Oh, and PP hasn’t accepted a penny for doing so in two years, thus LOSING money in order to provide this necessary service.

          4. And I’m not an atheist. But I do possess Christian compassion. And you do realize that abortions are at a low point statistically, right?

            And that Trump is about to change that by taking birth control away from millions of women.

            If you REALLY cared about abortion, you’d be yelling and screaming about THAT, and not the organization that helps women to access birth control and keeps abortions safe for women.

        1. Only the most depraved and wicked insist that human freedom requires the unfettered right to kill unborn people.

          Friggin’ ghoul.

          1. Only the most foul and evil would force another into illness, torture and possible death over the “rights” of a bunch of unfeeling, mindless cells.

            Fucking slaver.

          2. Hey Kevin, when you get up off your fainting couch you may wish to consider that saving the life of the mother is fine, even when the child dies, but that the direct, willed, and ordered slaughter of the child as an end in itself is wicked and evil.

            Besides, if “the life of the mother” were the only cases of abortion, the issue would not be on anyone’s radar screen.

            The fact is, millions of babies are slaughtered in the womb each year, and very few of them have anything to do with preserving the life of the mother. Preserving the lifestyle? Yes. But the life? No.

            In any event, any procedure deemed by definition to be a failure if a human baby life is not health care. It is infanticide. And abortion IS that procedure.

            Oh, and you’re a ghoul. An intellectually and morally vapid, histrionic ghoul.

          3. You know babies are not being slaughtered. Robert Dear believed that. I would not be on the computer if I knew real babies were being slaughtered in a clinic. I would be saving them.

          4. Congratulations! You’ve just shown that, in the case of pregnancy, which is what we are talking about, you don’t actually know what you’re talking about.
            You see, I wasn’t talking about the (fortunately rare) cases where an abortion is necessary from a medical perspective to save the mother’s life. I was speaking of a PERFECTLY NORMAL AND SUCCESSFUL pregnancy.
            Pregnancy is torture. Besides morning sickness, lower back damage (often permanent), swollen and damaged ankles, and the agony of actual childbirth (which one, at least, we have learned to mitigate), we have such things as pregnancy induced diabetes (limiting what they can eat at the very time they’re eating for two), various forms of mental distress caused by hormonal fluctuations, and a whole host of less common side effects, many of which we cannot effectively treat at all.
            One of those side effects is DEATH.
            Pregnancy is dangerous. Roughly 18.5 deaths per 100 000 live births KILLS THE MOTHER. (US statistics, 2013, latest I could find.)
            If a woman chooses to go through with a pregnancy, she has my support and my admiration. If she does not, she still has my support at a difficult time in her life.
            If my morality is vapid, consider: I am arguing for a living human being to have the choice whether they go through 9 months of increasing discomfort, pain and possibly permanent disability or not. You are arguing to enslave a human being to a bunch of cells that is not, and will not be anything like a human being until well past the point where abortion is illegal anyway. I will gladly follow in the tradition of Thomas Payne. Go ahead and follow Thomas Thornton.

          5. You really seem to like the term “hysterical”, presumably it allows you to ignore any arguments you can’t refute (which at this point, is all of them). It’s basically the debating equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming “NYAH, NYAH, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” It is also approximately as mature.
            Not that I need any further proof of your immaturity than your continuing name calling. You might at least try to be inventive.
            Or to put it in terms you might actually comprehend, go away, child, adults are talking.

          6. You haven’t given any arguments.

            You’re a friggin’ pro abort ghoul you spews insane nonsense in a vain attempt to rationalize infanticide.

            Oh, and you’re projecting, but that’s par for the course.

          7. I’ve made the statement that forcing women to follow through on a pregnancy, when there is an alternative, is slavery. That’s an argument, and an accurate one.
            I’ve shown that even a regular pregnancy causes medical damage and possibly permanent side effects..up to and including death. That also is an argument for permitting abortion.
            So your statement that I have made no arguments is an outright and brazen lie.
            And you might consider that I have restricted myself to attacking your (stupid) arguments, where you have name-called and attempted (inadequately) to impugn my character, as indeed you are in your immediately previous post, re: “projecting” – when in fact it is simply an accurate analysis of your (poorly considered and enacted) statements so far.
            You don’t have an argument, just emotional bullshit based on a crappy morality I’m glad not to share. With each post you confirm your unethical and disrespective nature regarding women and their biological and social needs. And frankly, you can’t debate worth a damn.
            To quote a song I rather like, Get out of my lane boy, you’re not in my league.

    1. Your ilk would rather a raped woman carry to term and spend the rest of her life with a child she couldn’t look at without reliving that horrific moment, than allowing her to live a life she deserves, free from that painful reminder. Pro lifers are such hypocrites, they are pro life until the baby is born, then they don’t give a fuck about them. You’re not pro-life, you’re pro-control.

        1. Yes, yes I am. I’ll give you 9/10 for observation. Don’t let it go to your head, it is a statistical outlier, you still have much work to do…

        1. Yes, that IS an abortion. You want to make abortion mean something immoral so you deny medical FACTS.

          In fact, the kind of abortion that you people mislabel “Partial birth” is actually called a D&X abortion and is the least dangerous way to remove a dead fetus from a woman’s womb. People like you made that procedure illegal–thus putting thousands of women at greater risk for injury and death.

          Just more of that faux Christianity that drowns out the real kind.

          1. An abortion takes a life.

            Every successful abortion kills at least one human being.

            Do you really think anyone is protesting the removal of a dead fetus from the womb?

            If so, you’re pathetically demented.

          2. No, an abortion does not necessarily take a life. “Abortion” refers to several medical procedures to remove the fetus from the womb. The actual state of the fetus may determine which procedure is used, but doesn’t make any of them not-an-abortion.

            You are woefully ignorant on this topic.

          3. You reported science in the same way that Lena Dunham keeps her clothes on. Which is to say, not at all.

            Lemme correct you:

            Nope. Not a Republican.

            You should check your prejudices at the door.

          4. From Taber’s Medical Dictionary:

            “The spontaneous or induced termination of PREGNANCY before the fetus reaches a viable age. The legal definition of viability (usually 20 to 24 weeks’ gestation) differs from state to state. Some premature neonates of less than 24 weeks’ gestation or 500 g are viable. Symptoms of spontaneous abortion include abdominal cramps and vaginal bleeding, sometimes with the passage of clots or bits of tissue.” —

            “Termination of a PREGNANCY, whether spontaneous or induced.” — Kottke, Melissa J.; Zieman, Mimi (2008). “33. Management of Abortion”. In Rock, John A.; Jones III, Howard W. TeLinde’s Operative Gynecology (10 ed.).

            “Termination of PREGNANCY before 20 weeks’ gestation calculated from date of onset of last menses. An alternative definition is delivery of a fetus with a weight of less than 500 g. If abortion occurs before 12 weeks’ gestation, it is called early; from 12 to 20 weeks it is called late.” –Katz, Vern L.; Lentz, Gretchen M.; Lobo, Rogerio A.; Gershenson, David M. Katz: Comprehensive Gynecology (5 ed.).

            “Abortion is the spontaneous or induced termination of PREGNANCY before fetal viability.” — Schorge, John O.; Schaffer, Joseph I.; Halvorson, Lisa M.; Hoffman, Barbara L.; Bradshaw, Karen D.; Cunningham, F. Gary, eds. (2008). “6. First-Trimester Abortion”. Williams Gynecology (1 ed.). McGraw-Hill Medical.

            “An abortion refers to the termination of a PREGNANCY. It can be induced (see Definitions, Terminology, and Reference Resources) through a pharmacological or a surgical procedure, or it may be spontaneous (also called miscarriage).” –Kulczycki, Andrzej. “Abortion”. Oxford Bibliographies.

            Termination of the PREGNANCY, not the fetus.

          5. Not all abortions take lives, and not all deliveries give life. You simply have no idea what you’re talking about.

          6. You’re just another anti-science ghoul rationalizing the dehumanization of people in order to kill them. Just like 1930s Germany. You would make HImmler proud.

          7. There is one person. She’s a pregnant woman. There is no “right” to the use of someone else’s body, even if you’ll die without it.

        2. The medical procedure to remove a dead fetus is called an abortion.

          The only reason I exist is b/c my mom had a spontaneous abortion. She didn’t have to get anything removed. The clump of cells came out on its own.

          1. Then call Webster’s or something. The fact is, when talking about abortion no one is talking about an already dead fetus. They are talking about killing a living human being.

            Oh, and the procedure is not called an abortion. It’s called a D&C, Dilation and Curettage.

            D&C is used in some abortions, but it is also used for other things.


          2. Your two sentences have no logical connection. The latter is true; the former is false. And you’re really not very bright are you.

          3. You can tell if the fetus inside a person is dead?
            I have a learning disability, but I’m bright enough to know that my birth control isn’t 100% effective. I choose to live in state where I can get an abortion the same week I call. I know that some people don’t have the same opportunities and luck I do. I donate to the Lilith Fund to help them.

          4. >>You can tell if the fetus inside a person is dead?<<

            That's not my job, and it has no bearing on the facts. Doctors can tell when a fetus is dead. I'm starting to think your brain is dead.

          5. A D&C is a abortion if the patient is pregnant, PERIOD. Regardless of the life-status of the fetus.

          6. Is that the kind of snappy patter that impresses the “Brights” these days?

            So hackneyed. So banal.

            Christian love does not require anyone to be nice to Cult of Death ghouls.

          7. “You live in a fantasy world.”
            Pot, meet kettle.

            “And you’re functionally illiterate too.”
            I am always impressed with some people’s ability to diagnose at a distance. Is that a gift from Jesus?

            “Go fuck yourself troll.”
            I always enjoy a stimulating and invigorating discussion with someone who considers themselves of superior intellect, they add so much to an understanding of the issue ….

            Is this what passes for maniacal laughter in your world?

        3. It IS an abortion. Because the word abortion doesn’t mean what you think it means.
          The procedure for removing a dead fetus is either an abortion or a delivery, depending upon the circumstances.

          1. Again, no one talking about abortion is talking about the removal of an already dead baby.

            Besides, the procedure is NOT an abortion. It’s a D&C.

  5. Still repeating the same old tired out “planned parenthood selling baby parts” bullshit. That was debunked forever ago. But, let’s face it, if one keeps saying over and over, that makes it true. I absolutely despise this man. He is a complete nut.

      1. They did not. They really did not.

        They were reimbursed the cost of transporting fetus parts (because you need expensive equipment to do that right). They did not make any actual profit of this. This has been known for a long while now.

        1. LOL

          I didn’t say anything about profit. The problem here is not the money. The problem is the human vivisection and trade of human baby body parts.

          Friggin’ ghouls.

          1. I wasted hours watching those videos b/c I was promised a vivisection. I will never fall for another lie like that again. Everyone benefits from the research done with donated bodies and tissue. Do you think organs and tissue for transplants grow on trees?

          2. can you provide a video of one of those vivisection? A vivisection is dissecting or performing surgery on a living organism.

          3. First, NO, THAT IS NOT “a problem.” I myself have donated cadaver tissue in my body. And harvesting tissue from deceased donors is not “vivisection.” It’s dissection.
            I’m a firm believer that words actually MEAN SOMETHING. Your use of the word “vivisection” means you’re an idiot.

          4. >>And harvesting tissue from deceased donors is not “vivisection.” It’s dissection.<<

            We are talking about unwilling "donors" who are dead BECAUSE of vivisection.


        1. The point isn’t the money. The point is the commerce of recently slaughtered human beings.

          Are you one of those pro abort atheist ghouls?

          1. >>LOL. So you ARE one of those “Christian” liars. You KNEW you were bearing false witness.<<

            I think you may be having some sort of cerebral vascular episode. You seek professional help immediately.

          1. They donated tissue samples for research and recouped transportation costs. You should try looking out past your blinders.

          2. They received big bucks. Hundreds of dollars for “shipping costs” for teeny tiny brains and livers and such.

            It’s clear from the videos that these ghouls were making a profit.

            Either way, the ghouls at PP were killing people and harvesting their organs.

            It’s all so wretchedly vile and repugnant.

            You should take off your blinders and rejoin the human race.

          3. What do you think? You can put human tissue in a mailing envelope and send it parcel post? You’re an idiot! The law forbids that!
            Just as there are regulations on shipping living things, there are regulations on sending non-living tissue to be used for research.

          4. It’s not cheap to transport viable tissue. Where’s your evidence they were making a profit?

          5. Aside from horribly edited videos, where’s your actual evidence they do this for profit and actually sell baby parts, and not just tissue from abortions?

            Where are the mutilated babies? Where’s your evidence people have given birth and these newborns have been killed and harvested?

          6. you mean the fake videos created by that known liar? That guy who was arrested several times for committing crimes against society? Why would you believe a known liar?

          7. Too bad all the pro abortion posters on this blog were not aborted at birth or before…but even then it would be wrong for me to support that. While they are alive they may come to the realization that abortion is murder and God can still forgive them…like Nordog6561. I for sure do not want my tax dollars going to PP.

          8. so you hate medical research?
            Maybe next time you get sick, you shouldn’t get the benefit of science since you don’t believe in science.

      2. Nordog, if you fact check it in it clearly shows that a rouge doctor sold organs. It was not the policy of PPH. And once the incident was discovered that doctor was fired. Something illegal can happen at any facility, doing any kind of medical service.

      3. Give it up. You are arguing with Satan’s minions. Do not give your pearls to pigs. Jesus Christ will judge them.

    1. I’ve always been intrigued who would pay big bucks for fetal material. I throw alot of parties and never thought it add to the party to have a fetus there. I suspect the ones needing those parts are doing something to improve life in some way. If a fetal pig isn’t good enough, perhaps, research is being done that will save many more lives.

      Yes, I do believe that a good can come from (perceived by some) evil.

      Interesting reading: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, this is a tale of a poor black tobacco farmer who never consented to having her tissues taken but whose cancer cells have proved so important they have formed the foundation for work leading to two Nobel prizes.

    1. Hopefully that money goes to something worthwhile, like curbing the ignorant populations that keep outbreeding the rest of the world in India and Syria.

  6. Best five bucks I have ever spent. Not only did I support the right of women to choose a safe and healthy way to terminate an unwanted / unsafe pregnancy, I also get to get under the nails of a very tragically hateful individual. Keep trolling the good troll you libtard lefties =D

    1. $25 bucks in our good xtian friends name. Lol

      I live in Canada so we don’t have this issue up here, thank gaawd! I’ve been meaning to give a donation to PP ever since that POS was elected in support of my US neighbors, now I feel doubly happy about it.

      I’ve also heard of people donating to PP in the name of Mike Pence or their local politicians who want to defund PP. Get on this train folks, it’s a happy one. 😉

    2. oh dahlin. those fine, southern, “christian” gals don’t need those services.
      they just go to their doctah for a procedah.
      the medical code is “d&c due to excessive bleeding”

  7. I refer to such acts as “Retaliatory Charity”. One good lotto win… and there are going to be MANY folks from my past, that will be getting cards like mr lake did.

  8. Pretty arrogant to think Planned Pardnthood knows him and will stop sending the cards. They kind of have to, if someone donates in his name.

  9. Well, I was going to buy a fancy coffee, but I guess I’d rather send a card directly from someone who would be dead without Planned Parenthood. Best $5 I will spend all week.

  10. Of course they did. They talk about it themselves.

    You are very odd (you’re not alone in these parts). I’ve not said anything about religion in any way.

    For your info, when I became anti-abortion in 1989, I was an agnostic/atheist.

    The fact remains, PP took money in exchange for harvested baby body parts.

    1. So do hospitals. Hospitals harvest blood from living donors, and all kinds of tissues from dead donors, and sell them. It’s perfectly LEGAL, with the donor’s consent.
      If you think it’s “ghoulish” then do not donate. But don’t you DARE tell others what they can, and cannot do with their own bodies. That is NOT your place.

    2. No, sorry, you crazy troll, there are no ‘baby parts’ involved. Babies are BORN. the not-yet born product of conception is either a blastocyst, or an embryo, or a fetus. So no, your bullshit lie is just that. PP has never once sold any ‘baby body parts’ to anyone, no matter how hard you want to stretch the truth. Let me guess – you’re a male. What right do you have to tell some woman what she can or cannot do with HER body?

      1. My cows are carrying baby calves. If one of them dies in calf birth, I lose a calf and money. I knew when I put the bull on them I would have calves in 40 months…not horses or giraffes or pigs or just body tissue. A human baby that is killed either in the womb or at child birth is a human being murdered…I would never think of killing a calf at calf birth or before. Humans who support abortion are a special breed of evil…likely Satanic.

  11. I love the way you lecture about others being full of hate!


    Hey, better run along or you’ll be late for your ritual human sacrifice to your god Moloch!


  12. But other people–actual people, including children–can be saved because the women involved gave their express permission for the donation of fetal materials.

  13. So Greg Locke secretly supports planned parenthood, if I understand this correctly. Shame on you, Greg Locke!

  14. Sometimes the ingenuity and sheer inventiveness of my fellow man brings a tear of joy to my eye…this caused me to become dangerously dehydrated. Thank you, America!!!

  15. Really hoping his poor neighbour digs all binned thank you letters out of the dear pastor’s rubbish, uses them to wallpaper his dining room and invites good old Greg round for Sunday lunch after sermon on evils of PP. #PLANNEDWALLPAPER

  16. Wow, talk about some anger issues. I thought his head was going to explode. I think we should all send him post cards and return his love to him. Mine will be in the mail today.

  17. He goes on speaking tours — you can find them on his Facebook site. I’m sending my notification to him c/o the church that’s his next speaking engagement.

  18. Donated $10 in his name. I hope he enjoys the flood of thank you notes. I hope there are so many, they have to be delivered in those big-ass mail bags you see at the post office.

    Pissing off assholes and helping a great organization; what could be better?

  19. Just sent a donation in from the UK. I love irritating the hell out of bigots and fools who are dumb enough to suggest that we all need to live like them because they somehow ‘know’ how we all oght to live.

  20. “There has never been an organization in the world that’s killed more innocent people other than radical Islam.” So I’m guessing he’s a holocaust denier.

    1. Didn’t the christian god kill everyone on earth, except for one small family.

      If you believe in that kind of crap. 😉 As this waste of space thinks

  21. What in the absolute hell is he blabbering about with his “selling baby parts on the black market”? What a Kooke! I think whoever trolled him with a donation in his name should get a prize.

  22. Honestly, as much as I disagree with him, he isn’t actually doing anything heinous. Spamming his mail for fun doesn’t seem like a proper thing to do.

    1. Agreed on the spam. I would hope Planned Parenthood would compile many contributions into a single letter, maybe monthly.

      1. No, no, no. Individually. Frequently. He deserves the harassment. And he could use some education.

    2. Lying, cheating, etc. aren’t proper to do either, however the “Christian” right does on a daily basis so riling this fellow up seems appropriate to me.

      1. There are no crisis situation at hand that forces you to be as bad as he is, is there? It’s not like he is some irredeemable monster, let’s be a tad less dogmatic than them OK?

          1. I’ve donated in Pence’s name in the past too. It may be childish and petty, but man oh man do I get a little thrill out of giving money to PP in “honor” of these misogynists.

          2. How would donating to planned parenthood, for the sake of trolling a bastard like this pastor, help anyone? Oh yeah, Mike Pence will be shaking in his boots if he hears some pastor gets these horrendous letters.

        1. Ask poor women living in the bible belt and in need of reproductive health care if they are in a crisis situation and get back to me.

          1. Ask anyone suffering there if you spending money on trolling this dude helps them.

          2. Sure, but you don’t need to be a dickhead in the process. Know that if you are, it is for your own satisfaction. Don’t dress it up just to make yourself feel grand.

          3. Haha, I never denied that. In fact, I wrote in another comment (2 hours ago):

            “It may be childish and petty, but man oh man do I get a little thrill
            out of giving money to PP in “honor” of these misogynists.”

            So fuck right off with your judging, k? 😀 Your concern trolling isn’t helping ANYONE. At least some of us are donating money.

          4. Well, I’ve now gotten all I wanted out of this conversation. You approving of the fact that this isn’t a morally right action, it is mere fun and games at the cost of someone else.
            Also, “concern trolling”, you made me chuckle with that one. “Everyone disagreeing with me is a troll!” -by Mystik Spiral.

          5. Sorry, but I wouldn’t like to roll around in the same dirt as you and the pastor, so I’ll stay on my horse. If this is your idea of raising awareness for a good cause, then I hope you’re not expecting to go around getting praise for it.

          6. It’s two-fold. Raising money for a good cause, which has been very successful, and exposing the bigotry of a so-called religious leader. While you’re on your high horse, I wish you the best of luck in raising more money for PP than this article did. My goal is not to “get praise for it.” If you think that’s the case, then you don’t understand what charity is. You keep defending bigotry and I’ll keep exposing it. Good day.

          7. Um, my criticism was not directed at the awareness rising the article made, it was at the encouragement of being an asshole.
            ” My goal is not to “get praise for it.” If you think that’s the case, then you don’t understand what charity is. ” > Beautiful example of a non sequitur.
            Oh man, you think calling for decency is “defending bigotry”? That’s just amazing. “Hey, you there! Asking people not to be dickheads every time they do something nice, what is wrong with you?!” Man, I feel so ashamed of myself. Also, nice “exposing” you have done here, a public speaker, open about his views has been “exposed” by people donating in his name out of spite.

    3. If it was just spamming, I wouldn’t do it. It’s for a good cause, and I hadn’t thought of donating to them. Since his vitriolic speech keeps his followers from seeing all the good PP does, I think it’s fair.

  23. Notice he calls himself “pastor” as if that bogus title makes him special. Just another lying christian terrorist wanting to control everyone’s lives.

  24. I like how his lips moves when he’s pronouncing his self-professed authority, judgment, and Almighty God’s will. It’s kind of hot. (Sorry for the off topic comment.)

  25. Not just Planned Parenthood, donate in his name to Man Boy Love Association, B’Nai Brith, NORML, The Watchtower and Warren for President. Maybe we can see his head explode on TV.

  26. I just sent 5 dollars in his honor. It amuses me to think how many letters his church is going to get from the looks of it. Also the whole baby parts thing was a hoax. James O’keefe doctored and edited the video deceptively just like his whole organization project veritas has no credibility. The same people who were behind the planned parenthood hoax paid that ACORN employee they posted the DOCTORED footage of ended up having to pay the ACORN employee 100000 dollars. All he does is go after Progressive groups and deceptively edit videos to “Take them down.” and that was exactly what the planned parenthood hoax was.

    If you see Project veritas or James O’keefe behind it take it with a massive grain of salt.

  27. If you donate in someone else’s name, does the card tell them who actually made the donation? I have some people I want to troll but I don’t want them to find out that I was the one who did it.

    EDIT: Never mind. I watched the video and I guess that it does tell them.

  28. What Locke fails to realize is that what he thought was a description of Planned Parenthood was actually a description of christianity (except for selling baby parts on the black market, I don’t think they do that yet…)

  29. I got a thank you card from PP when I gifted them in Locke’s name. I sure hope he got one too, as that was the whole point. 🙂

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