‘Republican Atheists’ Waves its Intolerance Flag About Pride Month

They’re at it again. The unsurprisingly small organization called Republican Atheists has crafted a Facebook post about LGBTQ Pride Month that has its own followers scratching their heads.

In celebration of Pride Month, last week the Wisconsin capitol building raised a rainbow pride flag under the American flag for the first time in its history. Along with that move, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order to keep the flag flying for the remainder of Pride Month. To most, this is a non-issue. It’s a month out of the year that’s designated to celebrate diversity and symbolize recognition and acceptance of a group of people that had previously been largely shunned by society for decades. But societies evolve and many times correct themselves as people become more enlightened. LGBTQ Pride Month is a good example of that. While we certainly still have issues with discrimination and maltreatment of the gay community, in a broader sense societal views of LGBTQ persons are progressing.

That doesn’t seem true with the leadership of Republican Atheists. Yesterday, the organization posted the following message on Facebook about Wisconsin’s pride flag.

“Which flag is next Wisconsin? A flag for Democrats? A flag for Republicans? A flag for every race?”

If I didn’t know any better, I would have guessed this post fit better on an Evangelical church’s Facebook page. What does Republican Atheists have against the LGBTQ community? The spirit of this post seems in line with the “All lives matter” crowd or even the “Where is straight pride month?” idiots. This whole “If it’s not about me, I’m against it” mentality is a sign of the wearing away of empathy in our culture. Why not celebrate diversity and raise up those who have a history of being treated poorly and unfairly in our country? Why is that a problem for so many people?

The real troubling thing for me is that this post was made by self-proclaimed atheists (or presumably the president of said group). What issue would an atheist have with LGBTQ Pride Month? The vast majority of pushback I’ve seen for events like these come from the religious who base their prejudice on holy books or religious doctrine. This is honestly the first time I’ve seen public criticism of an LGBTQ event from a person or group who is openly secular. The hostility here is alarming.

Thankfully, Republican Atheists’ own members/followers/readers are calling out the bigotry in the comments:

That’s refreshing. It’s nice to see people who are either Republican or follow a Republican page stick up for the LBGTQ community. Republican Atheists has yet to respond to any of these comments and probably won’t. The only defense I could imagine them coming back with is that the politically-active gay community is largely liberal/progressive, so they see this as the government favoring the left. But to have that view they’d have to ignore the “In God We Trust” mottos plastered all over government property — a recurring victory of the Religious Right displayed all around us.


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Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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28 thoughts on “‘Republican Atheists’ Waves its Intolerance Flag About Pride Month

  1. I wonder if Republican Atheists is a real group at all? Seems like a post designed to gin up division – which was partially attributed a particular country in the last election cycle.

    1. Unfortunately it’s real. But it’s small. It’s basically the president and a handful of “correspondents” in several states trying to make themselves look like a legit organization. I’ve had a handful of run-ins with her, all documented in SecularVoices articles.

    2. For a short time I considered joining the RA. But then I realized the Republican party’s actions haven’t been in line with their stated goals in years.

      1. I wish the Log Cabin Republicans would leave and become a true conservative party – something the Republicans have never been.

        Adlai Stevenson:

        “The strange alchemy of time has somehow converted the Democrats into the truly conservative party of this country — the party dedicated to conserving all that is best, and building solidly and safely on these foundations. The Republicans, by contrast, are behaving like the radical party — the party of the reckless and the embittered, bent on dismantling institutions which have been built solidly into our social fabric. . . . Our social-security system and our Democratic Party’s sponsorship of the social reforms and advances of the past two decades — conservatism at its best. Certainly there could be nothing more conservative than to change when change is due, to reduce tensions and wants by wise changes, rather than to stand pat stubbornly, until, like King Canute, we are engulfed by relentless forces that will always go too far.”

        — Statement during his 1952 presidential campaign, quoted in Unadjusted Man in the Age of Overadjustment: Where History and Literature Intersect (1956) by Peter Viereck; 2004 edition, p. 253; also quoted in his “The New Conservatism: One of Its Founders Asks What Went Wrong”, The New Republic (24 September 1962)

        1. The GOP still hasn’t gotten over FDR. They long not for a return to the mythical USA of ’50s tv, but the era of the Robber Barons.

    1. Yes, the “infiltration” is real. What a loon. I didn’t realize you could infiltrate something that’s public. Don’t let her fool you though. She loves the attention. Total narcissist. Over half the posts on the group’s page are about her.

  2. This is honestly the first time I’ve seen public criticism of an LGBTQ event from a person or group who is openly secular.

    If we’re talking strictly about “public criticism of an LGBTQ event”, perhaps. But there are plenty of non-religious people out there who are extremely hostile to LGBT+ rights, every bit as hostile as right-wing Christians. I call such people “secular haters”, and they are legion.

    The main difference between the religious and secular haters is that the religious crowd are organized and often well-funded. They’re a far greater threat to LGBT+ people for that reason. The secular haters tend to be individuals speaking out (perhaps most often online) for themselves. But hatred isn’t necessarily motivated by any ideology or set of beliefs. Hatred is its own force and can exist in just about anybody who wants to nourish it. The secular haters aren’t often organized, but they’re not a negligible force.

      1. OK. I’m trying to recall how often I’ve heard of such criticism from a secular hater. You’ll hear anti-LGBT stuff from the neo-Nazi types, e.g. But certainly you hear such criticism far more often from the religious types. They’re the ones who get the publicity, and they’re the ones who keep their eye on the ball. They would be much more likely to know what’s happening and make sure their opposition is heard.

  3. I am not an atheist but I agree these people are giving you and all humanity a bad name. I am out and proud, and grateful for anyone, regardless of their religious or non-religious position who lends their voices in support of the lgbtq community!

  4. Mebbe that ther term, republican atheist, sounds kinda like an oxymoron, eh? Whatever, if yah go by past experience in these kinda matters, I reckon it’s likely that the guy makin’ the homophobic remarks can’t summon up the courage ter git outa the closet, eh. That’s kinda sad, eh.

  5. If there are any republican Atheist, I would assume it would represent less than .001% of the who Rethuglicon party!

  6. Rethuglican Atheist??? They must be just as evident as their god. Its hard to conceive such a thing.

  7. I can conceive of the idea that some atheists might be Republicans (but then I make a distinction between “actual people who identify as Republican” and “the criminal enterprise masquerading as a national political party”). I can even consider the possibility, however, miniscule, that some Republicans might be atheists. Therefore, the notion that there is a group identifying themselves as “Republican Atheists” isn’t totally inconceivable.

    That said, anyone can create a Facebook page for an organization without any guarantee that their chosen name represents their “members” accurately. This could be nothing more than a type of “false flag” operation to generate bad publicity for atheists and Republicans. Judging by some of the comments, it seems to be working.

    1. It seems more likely that it would be a Republican group, possibly with some atheists possibly not, doing it to prove that the social conservative platform isn’t just something that’s for Christians. Kinda like how Ben Stein bragged about how right wing Christians encourage him not to convert because they want to have a Jewish supporter to get legitimacy.

      1. Republicans abandoned the “big tent” idea decades ago. If I had to choose between this being a genuine group and a false flag operation, I’d be inclined to go with option 2.

  8. in Romania, conservative right-wing atheists seem to be on the rise. Or at least their social media activity. Their narrative is pretty much the same as religious conservatives’ one, except they keep stating that they are atheists. Interesting people, are they? (but then again, I believe this has more to do with left-right than belief/theism).

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