My Response to a Good News Club Apologist

If you saw my post yesterday, you saw that I’ve been responding on social media to schools that have been promoting sign-ups for the Good News Club.  Of the three schools I responded to yesterday, none responded, but all three removed their posts.  I consider that a victory — at least in the short term.

Today, I came across a school in South Carolina who posted a photo of a Good News Club flyer, reminding parents to sign their kids up.  I responded, took a screen shot, and posted it on the SecularVoices Facebook page, inviting readers to share their opinions with the school as well.  As of the writing of this post, it’s still up, and a GNC parent decided to respond, defending the Good News Club and its volunteers.  Of course, I responded back.  And I encourage you to share your thoughts on the page as well.


I’ve left names unobscured since this is a public page.  Special thanks to Lisa Ridge and Justin Read for their support on the school’s page.  I can’t imagine the post will be up too much longer.

UPDATE: Cara Todd, the GNC apologist seems to have deleted her comment in defense of the club, after I and some of our readers responded to her.  This is why god invented screen shots.  Keep fighting the good fight!


Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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23 thoughts on “My Response to a Good News Club Apologist

  1. nice people …. blah blah.. background checks… blah blah… my kids love it… blah blah blah. Why didnt you ask her how she would feel about the After School Satanist, or and Allah in the Afternoon, or Party with the Parthenon Club, etc etc. Better yet , maybe somebody should start a ‘History of Religion’ club. week 1) The wwii genocide and how Chirstians helped it. 2) How the RCC held back science for centuries. 3) The Crusades : Xtians vs. Muslims 4) How to spot contradictions in holy books (Open your bible to Genesis) 5) Relgion & Peace : Beheadings for Allah and Health Clinic Bombers (and gunmen) for Christ. etc etc etc.

    1. Christians in America are being “persecuted “for being HATEFUL towardss The others (LGBTQ, Muslims, women, Blacks, Democrats) but then again Christians NEED to be fueled by hate otherwise they might go cuckoo..

      1. It’s that siege mentality that many groups use to tighten up the ranks and circle the musk oxen.

        In Amway, a ‘commercial cult,’ the enemy is ‘Dream breakers,’ i.e. the people who say you won’t get rich with a garage full of soap powder.

        In Scientology, it’s Suppressive People, pretty much identical to Dream Breakers in description.

        Then there’s Lucifer… you GOTTA have an enemy, or what’s the point of the circled musk oxen?

  2. I would say to keep a copy of her post so that if she deletes it you repost it in your response with quote marks around it. I think that is something the apologists need, a “you can’t back off or forget what you did just because it did not work in your favor” treatment. I think this is like in “A Clockwork Orange” where they pinned his eyes opened and made him watch violence. I said something similar about Ebenezer Trump supporters and their rallies, particularly when things they supported are not working out for them.

      1. Heh, if only GNC stood for “Grammar Now Club”.
        EDIT: And I wager she’s terribly jealous of the parents whose kids beg only once a week.

      2. Oh, come on. That’s just petty. The statement obviously means that they want to HAVE the club meetings every day instead of once a week.* Kids that age are annoying little shits who rarely take no for an answer, and it’s not unreasonable for them to think that she might be willing to talk to people about expanding the program.

        *No, I do not believe any kid actually said this.

        1. It probably says more about their home life; that being in a after school program with presumably multiple adult oversight and access to friends is better than being at home with mom. Think mom follows the Pearls?

  3. It’s cute when Christians SCREAM “THE BIBLE DOESN”TL IE” they’re right..The BIBLE( like all books) aren’t capable of lying, telling the truth or making your bed…The writers writing them are capable of lying or telling the truth…..So that settles it…

  4. “My kids go and we belong to the church that organizes it.”

    Well, that’s a pretty self-centered approach. Everyone isn’t you and your kids.

  5. Her children “beg” to go to these meetings to deflect the wrath of the mother. As a PK (Preacher’s Kid) it was easier to genuflect than to endure haranguing which would be the result of defiance. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    1. I’m sure her kids do like it. A child can also like their pedophile abuser because the pedophile makes sure to give the child lots of attention, fun, and treats. They groom the children, win their trust, and gradually apply the pressure to commit. The upset caused by the theology is offset by compliance. Once they accept they are rewarded by the group and they feel saved, not hurt.

  6. Interesting that they want to subject their kids to this nightmare and yet Some Parents Oppose Obama School Speech:

    > HOUSTON — President Obama’s plan to deliver a speech to public school students on Tuesday has set off a revolt among conservative parents, who have accused the president of trying to indoctrinate their children with socialist ideas and are asking school officials to excuse the children from listening.

    The uproar over the speech, in which Mr. Obama intends to urge students to work hard and stay in school, has been particularly acute in Texas, where several major school districts, under pressure from parents, have laid plans to let children opt out of lending the president an ear.

    Working hard and staying in school is “a socialist idea”? Jesus, these people are retarded.

  7. Good News, you are broken and you do not even know it, Good News only we can fix you. Biggest SCAM ever. You have filled with toxins, but our all natural herbal anal cleanse can cure you. All you have to to is PAY OUT THE ASS. Literally

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