Secular Activist and War Vet Holding Anti-Trump Sign Purposely Struck by Vehicle [VIDEO]

Steven_HewettBronze Star and Combat Action Badge recipient Steven Hewett is an award-winning atheist activist and Afghanistan war veteran.  Ever since his return from service, Hewett has been instrumental in removing religious symbols from public spaces in his hometown of King, North Carolina, an effort that has been met with years of local resistance and ostracism by his community.  Along with his secular activism, Hewett is also a Hillary Clinton supporter and anti-Trump protestor.  On multiple occasions, he has been seen holding a “Veterans Against Trump” sign in public, informing his community that a Trump presidency isn’t as supported by the military as the Donald would have you believe.

On Election Day, Hewett was holding his sign outside his local American Legion when a vehicle containing two military veterans, apparently purposely ran into him and drove off.  Since Steven knows that anything he does in his town is met with vitriol and conflict, he had the cameras rolling during the incident.  Here’s what he captured:


The deplorables have struck again. Let’s hope this person is identified and arrested.

UPDATE: The driver has been identified and charges are pending.  He may want to think about contacting Mr. Trump to cover his legal fees.


Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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47 thoughts on “Secular Activist and War Vet Holding Anti-Trump Sign Purposely Struck by Vehicle [VIDEO]

  1. Update: Ronald Edward Shouse, 68, of Pfafftown, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and careless and reckless driving.

      1. I’m having the Stokes County Election Board look into possible Federal or Federal Charges of election intimidation if they exist.

      1. Yes, I was rather shaken up by it at the time and later in the day had a PTSD episode from the incident. That’s why I wanted to get the plate on video.

        1. The man who hit you is a felon who spent time in prison as a pedophile. Just google his name. Terrible person. Keep fighting Steven!

          1. I saw that but I only state what I can prove factually and before I would comment on this being him I’m going to the court house tomorrow to pull the court records on the case. Even though much of his stats match it is still appropriate to confirm the facts first before speaking as if it is. Not all info on an internet search is accurate. Will keep you posted on what I find.

  2. “Along with his secular activism, Hewett is also a Hillary Clinton supporter and anti-Trump protestor.”

    How can one be a secular activist and a Hillary Clinton supporter?

          1. Isn’t the point of protesting to change people’s opinions? So you do you care about of other people’s opinions. And saying you don’t care about Clinton promoting bigotry is basically saying that you don’t care about bigotry.

          2. What are you a troll who hides behind UWIR, show your real name then we can talk, till then you’re not worth the time to have a discussion with your all lies!

          3. Wow, you sure are rude. Someone disagrees with you, and you respond with personal attacks and baseless accusations of dishonesty?

          4. Baseless accusations like accusing Clinton of bigotry? Seems you and a mirror ought to get acquainted!

          5. As I said ‘baseless’! Arguing against the ridiculous assertions about your imaginary sky fairy isn’t bigotry.

          6. Did you even read the link, dumbass? I’m calling Clinton a bigot because she made bigoted comments AGAINST ATHEISTS.

          7. 1. I didn’t “whine”, asshole, I presented a completely reasonable grievance.
            2. I didn’t say “bannable offense”, I said “warrants banning”.
            3. I didn’t say it simply about incivility, I said it about CALLING ME A SEX OFFENDER.
            4. Tete Rouge is the one being incivil. “Dumbass” is a completely reasonable description of their behavior. What else do you call posting “Arguing against the ridiculous assertions about your imaginary sky fairy isn’t bigotry.” in response to calling someone out for anti-atheist bigotry?
            5. You’ve already said you don’t ban for incivility, so, no, it would not be reasonable for me to be banned.
            6. There is absolutely nothing inconsistent about my position, and the fact that you are implying there are shows a lack of critical thinking skills on your part. If I were running this blog, Steven would be banned. I’m not running the blog, you are, and you think that incivility is okay. So I’m simply respecting your standards.

          8. Anyone who hides behind UWIR is not worth the time of day, they are cowards in not wanting people to know who you really are!

  3. Ronald Shouse who hit Steven Hewett- this is not his first brush with thinking he is above the law. Shouse is a felon who spent years in prison for indecent acts with a minor- prison did not work because the man is still a hate filled criminal.

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