SHOCKER: Gay Couples Are Not Asking Pastors to Preside Over Their Weddings

What a relief. Ever since the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 effectively legalizing same-sex marriage across the US and giving 15 minutes of fame to every bigoted town clerk who refused to issue a marriage license, I’ve been terrified that the “religious liberty” of preachers in the pulpit would be trampled on.  Turns out, I overreacted. Phew.

Image credit: iStock
Image credit: iStock

And just to verify that the most outspoken anti-same-sex-marriage talking heads aren’t the same people that LGBTQ couples would ask to officiate their weddings, an organization called LifeWay Research conducted a survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors to see if they’ve been asked to perform these abominations.  The answer is no.

Only 11% of the pastors surveyed have even been asked to officiate a same-sex wedding, and I would only assume that a much smaller number have actually agreed to preside over such ceremonies.  And they have every right to decline.

So it seems that the panic over the government forcing churches to perform gay weddings was for nothing.  That’s not a thing.  What a surprise.


Kevin Davis

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10 thoughts on “SHOCKER: Gay Couples Are Not Asking Pastors to Preside Over Their Weddings

  1. My mother, now retired, was a protestant pastor who was quite happy to preside over same sex weddings.

    I would suspect that a lot of the pastors who have been asked are ones who were pastors of affirming churches anyway, because why ask someone you know will refuse.

    Never forget that the bigots can’t even get universal agreement within their own (over-arching) religion.

  2. I doubt the results of this survey. I’d say it’s much more likely that 100% of them have not only been asked, but have actually been forced, to preside over same-sex marriages. They’re keeping quiet about it now for fear of revenge from the gay mafia.

      1. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about them. I always hear right-wingers talking about them, and they seem very afraid of them. So they must be lads who don’t mess about.

  3. My daughter has been the pastor of an affirming church for over a year, and has not been asked to perform a wedding of any kind yet.

  4. It would be pretty odd for a pastor of a non-affirming congregation to be approached to perform a wedding between two people of the same sex. Of course, if they were asked, they would decline and that would be the end of the story. As for the affirming churches, I am sure that the pastors who are asked to perform marriages there are more than willing to do them. Otherwise they are not an affirming church.

  5. Yeah, the keyword here is ‘asked.’

    Not ‘ordered,’ not ‘forced.’ Asked.

    When asked, ‘no’ is always an option.

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