‘Risen’ Movie Releases Today and Should Be Viewed as Fiction, Even by Christians

Jesus of Nazareth, if he ever existed, was supposedly crucified by the Romans and then placed in a tomb which was then found empty three days later. But modern Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman has shown that it was improbable that Jesus would have been buried after crucifixion. “What normally happened to a criminal’s body”, says Ehrman, “is that it was left to decompose and serve as food for scavenging animals.”

Indiana School Sued For Promoting Christianity

While the lawsuit does seek to address the school district’s blatant disregard for both a judge’s order and the law concerning promotion of religion in public schools, it’s only asking the court to award plaintiffs $1 each in damages (plus court costs). The lawsuit isn’t meant to bankrupt the district; rather, it’s meant to safeguard non-Christians from the tyrannical and often threatening Christians seeking to use public, taxpayer-funded institutions to proselytize their personal religious beliefs.