THIS JUST IN: People Are Still Superstitious Idiots

In case you missed it, some guy “shooting a music video” on Lake Superior caught a gray image in the distance that they claim disappeared 20 minutes later.  Since the default reaction of many of the religious and otherwise gullible is to attribute all unexplained occurrences to something supernatural, these individuals with no critical thinking skills are split between “ghost ship” and “Jesus Christ walking on water.”


Here’s the coverage via FoxNews:

While I don’t have an explanation for what the image is, I also wouldn’t venture a guess, since I’m nowhere near an expert in the local surroundings, other vessels on the water, or weather conditions.  I’m over 99% certain, however, that the image in the video is neither a ghost ship nor Jesus Christ.  Why am I so certain? Because when evaluating items such as this, we need to take into account the eventual evidence-based explanations of similar solved mysteries in the past.  The solutions to these enigmas have never turned out to be magic, ghosts, Jesus, or miracles. Not once.


Kevin Davis

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