Pastor Greg Locke Planned Parenthood Drive: An Update

It’s been a week since the piece about Pastor Greg Locke was posted and went viral, being read and shared by thousands online. Here’s what’s happened since.

When I wrote the article about Locke getting all worked up about someone donating to Planned Parenthood in his name, I thought maybe a hundred or so people would follow the instructions I gave and join in the fun for a good cause.  What I didn’t plan for was to get the attention of Greg Locke himself, as well as well-known atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris.  All three shared the piece on social media, piling on to the popularity of the article and the likely thousands of donations that have been received by Planned Parenthood.

I’ve tried to get in contact with Planned Parenthood to get some idea of how many donations were received or how much money was raised, but I haven’t received a call or email back yet.  If I do hear back, I’ll be sure to share the information in this article and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Throughout the week, Locke has posted on Facebook and Twitter about the article and the fact that Richard Dawkins shared it. It seems to me that he’s actually enjoying the attention, albeit negative attention.  He’s posted a response video to Dawkins, inviting him to have a steak or coffee.  That sounds great, except in the same video, Locke belittles Dawkins and his education by saying this:

I know you could probably talk multi-syllavic [sic] pseudoscientific words around me, and back me into a corner, and make me feel like the inbred, toothless, uneducated hillbilly that you no doubt think that I am.

Then he goes on to say he has the Bible on his side. Because we’re supposed to respect that he gets all of his knowledge from an outdated book of fables.  Later in the video, Locke says, “You may have book smarts, and you may have a lot of education, and a lot of science [while making air quotes] behind your name, but in the end, I have the power of the gospels.”

So Pastor Greg Locke thinks inviting someone for a meal and a chat while belittling his credentials and line of work is a good idea?  It’s been a while since I went through Dale Carnegie training, but I don’t remember that being one of the ways to win friends and influence people.  Sorry Greg, but Richard Dawkins is an actual scientist, no air-quotes needed, and uses scientific terminology, not pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is what you and your creationist friends use to unsuccessfully undermine actual facts. Don’t hold your breath. Richard Dawkins will not be sitting down with you anytime

Don’t hold your breath. Richard Dawkins will not be sitting down with you anytime soon, because such an act would give you undeserved credibility. You’re nothing but a dime-a-dozen hate-preaching charlatan.  Go back to your echo chamber where you feel intelligent and no one sees through your narcissistic “look at me” personality. No one’s buying it out here in the real world.

Unfortunately for Locke, it appears Planned Parenthood is currently receiving more donations than his bigoted self.  I only hope that someday his followers wise up and see him for the hateful fearmonger that he is, and cut off his revenue stream.  I’d love to see him have to get a real job, pay taxes, and not be rewarded for bigotry in the form of milking his less-fortunate followers for every dime they have.

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Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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12 thoughts on “Pastor Greg Locke Planned Parenthood Drive: An Update

  1. This story just keeps getting better. I wonder if PP could issue a press release when this is all said and done thanking the good pastor for the total amount of donations made in his name. Just giving credit where credit is due.

    1. If they get enough money maybe they will give him is own special page on their website… I would donate money to make that happen.

      1. Or even better, a nice plate with his name in the front of the closest Planned Parenthood from his church.

  2. I know you could probably talk multi-syllavic [sic] pseudoscientific words around me, and back me into a corner, and make me feel like the inbred, toothless, uneducated hillbilly that you no doubt think that I am.

    Actually, the steak you were just eating could probably do that.

    1. I figured he was channeling his teacher in Advanced Hey Cletus Looky How Well This Boot Fits, back in the good ol’ days at Jim Bob’s Jesus College & Bait Shop.

  3. I love how Locke is soooo sincere by reaching out to Dawkins via Locke’s facebook page. Most certainly Dawkins is going to receive the invite because he frequents Locke’s facebook on a daily basis.

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