Was Brett Kavanaugh an ‘Incel’ Before It Was a Thing?

On Monday, FoxNews aired an exclusive interview with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, giving him an unprecedented opportunity to campaign for a SCOTUS seat and explain away accusations of sexual assault and misconduct. In the interview, flanked by his wife, Kavanaugh repeated a few phrases in an effort to drive them home and get them stuck in supporters’ heads: “I want a fair process,” “Let me be heard,” and “I’ve always treated women with dignity and respect.” Hey, here’s an idea… if you want a fair process where you and your accusers, along with witnesses, will be heard and show you’ve treated women well, why don’t we let the FBI do an investigation? Oh right, Republicans won’t allow that for some reason. But I digress. That’s not what this article is about.

During the FoxNews interview, Martha MacCallum asked about a specific allegation that accuses Kavanaugh of targeting women with alcohol and drugs so that a “train of men” could gang rape the incapacitated victims. Kavanaugh’s response was that the allegation was outrageous and that he “did not have sexual intercourse, or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter.” What wasn’t clear from his answer was whether or not Kavanaugh’s virginity was voluntary, or if he just had trouble with girls.

And that’s an important distinction. It’s possible that Brett Kavanagh was an incel.

For those not familiar with the term, incel is a fairly recently-coined term and is short for “involuntary celibate.” It describes a subculture mostly made up of white heterosexual men who communicate with each other through internet forums like Reddit and 4chan. According to Wikipedia, discussions in incel forums are “often characterized by resentment, misanthropy, self-pity, self-loathing, misogyny, racism, a sense of entitlement to sex, and the endorsement of violence against sexually active people.” Incels have been known to condone rape and violence against women and have even committed mass shootings. They have become a dangerous subculture of white men who are so resentful toward the women who won’t have sex with them that they desire to harm or humiliate them in return, and even act on it.

Remember, Brett Kavanaugh went to an all-boys high school, the type of place that can become a breeding ground for toxic masculinity. So if it’s true that Kavanaugh was a virgin throughout high school and college, and if this was involuntary, then the possibility is there that he resented that label and wanted to remove it any way he could. With his head full of “locker room talk” from being surrounded by pubescent males all day, coupled with a hostility toward women who aren’t begging him for the sex he feels deserving of, together with several accounts of him being a big drinker, Brett Kavanaugh may have had a perfect storm for sexual assault brewing inside of him.

So when you hear Kavanaugh say over and over that he’s always treated women with dignity and respect, try to picture a young, drunk virgin teen from an all-boys high school in the early 80s, and consider how likely it is that he was the one kid at the party who would slur, “Hey leave that girl alone!” Or is it more likely that a drunk Brett Kavanaugh, possibly harboring resentment toward women, would have been laughing while he exposed himself to a female at a dorm party, thrusting himself at her, forcing her to touch his penis, as Deborah Ramirez alleges?

As Bill Maher would say, “I don’t know it for a fact, I just know it’s true.”

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43 thoughts on “Was Brett Kavanaugh an ‘Incel’ Before It Was a Thing?

  1. Ridiculous doesn’t even begin to describe this article. It postulates false assumptions about Mr. Kavanaugh, based on exactly nothing, then makes wild and non sequitur statements – the points raised (already false), don’t lead to the conclusion. Ridiculous. You believe the charges against Mr. Kavanaugh, of which there is literally no collaborating evidence – because you want to, and because your world view doesn’t withstand another conclusion. The author of this article can be dismissed for thinking irrationally, and most probably, false and malicious.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. This summary is from the same guy who says this:

      “It’s always the same with atheists, ignorantly making assumptions of what they left behind, or making silly arguments about how they don’t believe in magic, or the sky god, or tripe about how all the world is connected (it is, of course, to a degree – but they mostly miss the divine author which connects it).”

      I love when you religious folks come by to tell me how I’M the one lacking critical thinking skills.

      1. As well you should love it… since you prove it on a regular basis. Like… by … ignoring history, science, archaeology, human nature, the world around us (that’s from Romans – a definitive source, your approval not required), miracles, and even our literary history… and, oh yeah, dissing faith. Critical thinking – you should try it. But open your mind up first, or else you’re likely to end with the same dismal results.

          1. No I wasn’t (you’re mischaracterization is all too typical), but I provided the sources by which the preponderance of the evidence would lead a rational person to believing in the existence of God. I see… “peer-reviewed scientific journal articles” – yes, a good source, but hardly the only source of knowledge and facts – and by the way, highly discredited by the Left which chooses not to accept peer-reviewed scientific journal articles that don’t support it’s point of view.
            No need to try to put a book’s worth of knowledge – so just a few tidbits… let’s see. How about that abiogenesis has never been shown to happen, and oh yeah, now there’s evidence that the process doesn’t work. Evolution cannot and hasn’t shows that any species ever evolved into a different species. Those two artifacts alone should sink atheism as a reasonable assumption – but never mind, cause… oh wait… you’re a denier of the actual science. So.. arrogant and ignorant. Let’s see what else? Oh yeah, the Resurrection – one of the best documented events of classical history. The actions of the followers of Christ- yes, more evidence – but no, you don’t see it huh? How about the reality of consciousness? Can’t explain that either huh? Scientists are trying!…
            So… hiding behind “peer-reviewed scientific journal articles” may work with the non-thinking crowd, but not with the rest of us.

            Now… try not to embarrass yourself with another empty posting.

          2. What an idiot. First, try to use apostrophes correctly so people can understand you.

            Atheism and evolution are not the same thing. Attempting to disprove components of modern evolutionary theory, despite it being the bedrock of all biological science, wouldn’t make a dent in atheism. It isn’t “This part is incorrect, therefore God.” God has never been the answer to a single scientific hypothesis. EVER. The temporary answer of “we’re not sure yet” is never the same as “God did it.” Only religious crackpots like you jump to that moronic conclusion immediately. We now have explanations for many of “God’s” supposed actions in the OT, back when they made the same ignorant claims that you’re making here — I don’t know how it happened, therefore God did it. Floods, disease, the stars, hell even pillars of salt and where the sun goes at night. All that shit was attributed to your deity at some point. History is not in your favor.

            And the resurrection of Jesus is one of the best-documented events in classical history? What a joke. No one even bothered to write it down until at least 30-50 years after it supposedly happened. And then somehow it sounded quite similar to resurrection stories of other religions that came and went. Yours will go away too someday. Shame I’ll never see that day as long as sufferers of cognitive dissonance like you are still around, flapping their gums.

            Bye, troll.

          3. Again, you answer a completely different issue. I didn’t say atheism and evolution are the same thing – but then again, you don’t process very well. And you didn’t dispute a single claim I made successfully. You just babbled the usual “you say God did it” answer that atheists love to go back to, since they can’t dispute actual evidence. Yes, the Resurrection is the best or among the best documented events. It doesn’t sound like any other resurrection stories (another false claim) – and would only to those with the most superficial readings of it and its surrounding events (superficial understandings seems to define you). No one wrote about it for 30-50 years? The actual number is about 22 years, and yes.. .that’s just the documents we have – of course they wrote about it almost immediately.
            You’re a crackpot which isn’t surprising since atheism is crockery. You’re mad because we religious types won’t go away – but you see – God is always present, and He says He will be. Up until your judgment. Then He won’t be.
            Until then, I suppose thinking people will have to put up with those like you – talking nonsense and mad when someone like me calls them out on their illogic. But then again, we all need a good laugh – and people like you will always provide it.

          4. Oooooh religious threats. Very typical of you “loving” Christians.

            “Evolution cannot and hasn’t shows (sic) that any species ever evolved into a different species. Those two artifacts alone should sink atheism as a reasonable assumption.”

            Thats YOU conflating atheism with evolution. As if disproving elements of evolution would wipe out atheism and leave us with the only answer left: God did it. Sadly you can’t just scroll up to read your own words before wasting everyone’s time. Now you can eat them. Bye, troll.

          5. I’m not conflating anything… I’m showing you your own confusion. What religious threat? A projection of future judgment is only fearful if you’re not saved from it.

          6. I haven’t noticed any pushback… just some babble. Even if there is pushback – you have to go where the lost are. Jesus told us that even. I know… Christians were themselves lost until they were saved.

    2. Well, you had a good thing going with not posting anything stupid in 4 years, primarily because you hadn’t posted anything at all in 4 years. Guess it’s back to 0 days for you without posting a stupid comment. Congrats, you have made the internet a stupider place by your mere presence. 🙄

      1. Wow, arrogant and ignorant. Of course… we should all believe two stories, from admittedly drunken women, one of till last week wasn’t sure of the story or whether it was Mr. Kavanaugh, neither story which has a single piece of corroborating evidence. Not one. Instead of believing the documented, attested to by witnesses from all parts of his life, of the decency and integrity (as well as respect for women) that Mr. Kavanaugh has.
        Yeah, one of us is making the internet stupider. That would be you.

        1. Instead of believing the documented, attested to by witnesses from all parts of his life…

          Yeah, why is nobody talking about all the women Brett Kavanaugh didn’t attempt to rape? After all, it’s not like society expects men to not rape women or anything, because that would be totally ridiculous.

          What’s even more ridiculous is that the GOP had this list of women who Brett Kavanaugh didn’t attempt to rape compiled before these sexual assault allegations dropped. It’s almost like everybody who’s anybody in the GOP knew that Kavanaugh is a rapey, sub-par frat boy who would have never accomplished anything if he hadn’t been born to a wealthy, politically connected family. But honestly, I’m surprised at the GOP’s brazenness in calling their own base stupid enough to actually fall for that load of crap.

          1. Seriously? You aren’t ashamed to peddle internet innuendo based on exactly zero evidence. Not a word of what you wrote is true. Thank you for your posting – now anyone who reads it will know not to take anything you say seriously.

          2. Seriously, you don’t think it’s odd the GOP released that list of women the same day the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh hit the news? That involved tracking down all those women from his past and getting their statements. That takes a bit of time, unless they ran some internet poll or something equally unreliable.

            Of course you don’t. You will believe anything the GOP tells you. They could tell you the sky is green and you would believe it. You would be on this forum talking about how elitist scientists are oppressing you by saying the sky is blue.

            Keep licking GOP boots, slave.

          3. I don’t believe the GOP, but if there are that many women who support Mr. Kavanaugh, and the the two accusers have not a single, not one, corroborating witness. Well, it looks like the overwhelming preponderance of evidence supports Mr. Kavanaugh.

            You seem to have a problem with the GOP? Probably a hater. I don’t believe either party – but if one is more maliciously false than the other, it would be the Dems.

            Maybe you should open your mind to the facts, and try insulting others less.

          4. Maybe you should open your mind to the facts, and try insulting others less.

            You know, I tried facts with conservative types? They double down on their bullshit. Every. Single. Time.

            So hell with it. I’m going with insults. You never listen, so I’m going with mockery.

            I don’t believe either party…

            Probably didn’t stop you from voting for Trump. I see you posted this on another forum, in reference to Trump:

            He’s certainly accomplished more in 1 1/2 years than any preceding president in our lifetime…

            Everybody in the UN laughed at him when he said this. Do you know what Trump has done while he’s been in office? He watches Fox and Friends and tweets insults at people. That’s not being the president. That’s being an internet troll, which is likely why you think so highly of him. Hell, during the campaign he said “I love the poorly educated”, which is basically saying “Only idiots vote GOP”. And you did so anyways.

          5. One of those women has withdrawn her support after learning that he implied he had relations with her in his yearbook profile.

            The claim that there are no witnesses is not factual in the case of Deborah Ramirez. And while Ford does not have friendly witness of the actual event (because so many people attempt rape in front of their victim’s friends), there are witnesses to testify that she did not make this up in response to Kav’s appointment.

        2. You probably had the same reaction to the first allegation against Bill Cosby, too. And then dozens of women came forward. I bet we could interview hundreds of people Cosby didn’t rape, and they’ll all say such great things about him. Sorry you don’t see the faulty argument you’ve got there.

  2. Meh, incel is a specific breed of misogynist, pathetic man-babies that was the end result of MRAs and pickup artists.
    Men’s Rights Movement -> Pickup artists -> pickup artist haters -> men going their own way -> Incels.
    Elliot Rodgers was the first incel terrorist. He participated in pickup artist hater forums.

    In the 80’s, none of these reactionary man-baby movements happened yet, so I wouldn’t label Kavanaugh as a incel. He just a D-tier frat boy whose only major accomplishment is being born to a wealthy, politically connected family. It’s a different level of jackassery.

      1. I don’t know. I read an article earlier today that suggested, based on the reports, both assaults were of a type that was as much showing off for (male) classmates as they were about sex. The implication being that he was someone who desperately needed outside validation. Which would fit the general category.

        That being said, yeah, incel is really it’s own very recent thing. Labeling anyone who can’t get a relationship because they’re socially inept is painting with way to broad a brush. He may have had some of the traits, but that’s not the same thing.

  3. Kavanaugh would be the swing vote, meaning his one single vote, would determine if gays have equal rights in america, if govt can force a woman to have an unwanted baby, if women have a right to birth control (which was a big a fight as abortion before roe wade), if people can buy guns on demand, if tax money from atheists and non religious can be used to support churches, if christianity can be forced in public schools, etc. He has said he is against separation of church and state even though courts have upheld it since at least 1878.

    As a justice he will have more power than the president on our lives. He was selected, not because he is fair and qualified, but because of his bias. He will decide cases based on his bible, not mans law. That’s https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b9fc79b7e2086fe45cb27b1ee47d196349acde1514488cc41ccb89ed60e69a1e.jpg why his name was submitted for this post to begin with.

  4. Oh good, more threats from the religious in total denial. Go fuck yourself (ahem). Your inability to think critically and venture outside your religious bubble is your problem. And trust me when I tell you, distancing myself from all religions IS working out for me, thanks. Religion does nothing but throttle progress and hold humanity back. It’s people like you who are complicit in that effort. Get lost.

  5. Your assumption that you’re the only one who’s “thought this through” is laughable. Your inability to think critically is evident every time you comment. You’re impressing no one but yourself here. Take a walk. No one wants your input. It’s shit.

  6. Your version of “serious points” is proclaiming that God is real without supplying evidence. You’re not “showing” anything. You’re just saying it over and over again. That’s why you lose. Every time. You’re presupposing a fallacy from the onset. Now go troll someone else’s page. You’ve been blocked from this post.

  7. Your source, other than Kav’s painting himself as a lily white innocent in high school? Despite the fact that he admitted to extensive under age drinking? And despite the fact multiple friends have reported him as drinking excessively?

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