Watch Two Pastors God-splain Through the ‘Good Without God’ Debate

Last week, Pew Research released survey results suggesting that 56% of Americans now feel that belief in God is not necessary to be a good or moral person. Obviously, this is something that secular people have been saying for years. In 2001, the same survey showed a 49% result for this question. What’s most interesting to me is that the increase is seen pretty much across the board, even with white Evangelicals, who went from 26% to 32%. This is very encouraging to atheists, as it shows more people are showing some understanding of who atheists are, and more importantly, who we aren’t (baby-eating demons).

Source: Pew Research Center

But as we all know, our friends at FoxNews aren’t going to let this one go. Rather than agree with the assessment of the American public, they brought two pastors on the air to ask them what they think. Not only could these two not agree on a definition of “good,” but they couldn’t come to a consensus on “sin” either, or even whether or not we’re inherently good or inherently sinful. Watch them try their best at applying their own versions of Christian apologetics to this argument:

What a total train wreck. Each of these pastors is white-knuckling their grip on what’s left of their churches, with the clear knowledge that we no longer need the idea of gods in order to govern ourselves, control the masses, or tell us right from wrong.

While we continue to see religious leaders get more and more desperate, we’ll also continue to see their numbers fall and society evolve and become more progressive. It’s heartwarming to know that someday my great grandkids will be laughing at the idea of adult humans believing in such foolishness, and better yet, letting it guide how they live the only lives they have.


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Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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22 thoughts on “Watch Two Pastors God-splain Through the ‘Good Without God’ Debate

        1. SO TRUE JIM SO TRUE.

          I will bet any “Historian” who considers Jesus’ existence firmly established, are programmed religious robot Christians as no one reporting on the news of the day during the time and in the area, when Jesus supposedly had large crowds following him around and witnessed the Crucifixion and Resurrection reported one word on it.

          The earliest accounts were all written well over 30 tears later during a time when many were dead by age 30!

          The Bible was written by fairly ignorant people over two thousands years ago. Written by those who thought the sun went around the earth, that the earth was flat and was the center of the universe. Written by people who had no clue there was as Antarctica, Australia, Pacific Ocean, or a western hemisphere.

          How anyone, other than programmed religious robot Christians, can believe one word in it is beyond me.


          Knowledgeable people know the story of Jesus, his crucifixion and resurrection are all fiction as there is not a single shred of secular evidence to back it up. No one alive at the time who was reporting on what was going on when Jesus was supposedly alive ever reported one word about it all accounts were written years after the supposed happenings.

  1. > Not only could these two not agree on a definition of “good,” but they couldn’t come to a consensus on “sin” either,

    Ask them to define ‘god’ — for giggles.

    1. if you had 500 people in a church and asked them to define god, there would be 500 different definitions when it comes to the details.

  2. Their main problem in trying to answer this question is that they can’t imagine a source of morality other than a divine creator. By simply assuming God as fact, the question becomes meaningless to them. In other words, having an objective discussion of this question with two evangelical preachers is a meaningless exercise.


    2. That’s cause God is a fact. Believe the preponderance of the evidence – not your bias. You can be good without God, but since you’re not perfectly good, then you’re a sinner – which is the problem that God’s plan for salvation addresses. So… quite frankly, whether there is any good without God is completely irrelevant. Another nonsense topic that atheists pursue….

      1. The preponderance of the evidence is that the christian god is a work of fiction.

        “since you’re not perfectly good, then you’re a sinner”

          1. In other words you don’t have a real argument or any evidence to support what amounts to a bald assertion., so you’re going to take your ball and go home because those nasty atheists won’t just prostrate themselves and agree with you.

          2. You provided no such thing. Go read what? At least not in this thread. You state, flat out that God is a fact yet you provide no evidence to support that. I see no evidence anywhere that God is a fact. I see evidence of the inexorable forces of physics and natural selection. The only way to see God is through denial of science in all forms. This is like saying “The butler did it” when all the evidence says it was a suicide.

  3. At the time genesis was they only knew what they could see in each other as it happened. There is material in the bible about the ten commandments being written on the conscience of men. Also something about reason being the enemy of morality because we could talk ourselves out of doing the right thing (which is always our first thought).

    Now that we can watch our brains work/fire in real time we know we are born with compassion/empathy wired in (written on the conscience). They can see blood flowing to it during studies. Other studies show our first reaction is always the compassionate one but we can second guess ourselves into not doing that (what superstitious people call evil/sin).

    Of course the ten commandments are not about morality. All of them are punishable by death except one. Talking back to parents is punishable by death. If you read them they are more like the constitution of a Jewish theocracy enforced by government/police/soldiers. The govt is telling them to only have one god, that god, don’t make graven images (sounds just like Islam right?), don’t steal, lie, kill, etc. Our govt says only 2 of those is against the law, thankfully. Our first amendment kills the ten commandments.

    If anyone says our laws are based on the ten c’s ask them why making a person do any of the first 6 is illegal here.

  4. Too bad for them that videos of babies, birds and animals prove we know right from wrong without any religious instruction. Videos of birds and animals also show them helping others even when the others are of a different species. There are even videos showing animals putting themselves in danger to help others,

  5. Quote:
    Two pastors try to avoid saying yes to this question: Is it necessary to believe in God to be moral?
    Shouldn’t that read: “Two pastors try to avoid saying ‘NO’ to this question: Is it necessary to believe in God to be moral?”

  6. I find that more often, the so called christians are more unmoral than do the atheist.
    The two have no understanding of what it is to be good or to be moral.
    They are so lost that they will never find their way home.

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