What’s Scarier Than a Trump Presidency? His Emboldened Followers

We thought the violence and intimidation at Trump rallies was bad.  We thought Trump’s calls for the opposition to be sued, jailed, or assaulted crossed the line (including our report about a protester being intentionally hit by a car at a polling place yesterday).  We thought Trump’s outright racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic comments were inexcusable.  Just wait.

Image credit: iStock
Image credit: iStock

Today, Donald Trump’s legions of dedicated followers, aptly labeled “deplorables,” have an overwhelming sense of vindication and validation.  Their racist, sexist, homophobic and otherwise discriminatory views have been given a sense of public acceptance they haven’t had for decades.  The “political correctness” (also known as decency) that Trump and his alt-right following have railed against during his campaign is fading away with Trump’s victory.  Those who hold these vile views now feel they have the support of the next leader of our nation and feel emboldened by that idea.  The closet deplorables, who couldn’t be honest with pollsters but voted for Trump behind a plastic privacy divider where no one else could judge them, have won this election and cleared a pathway for the veils to be removed.

I’m not suggesting everyone who voted for Trump shares these sentiments or aligns with the deplorables, but let’s be honest — there are plenty who do.  And those who are members of the bigoted subset of Trump voters who see the world through a fog of ignorance will quickly overshadow those who aren’t.

These emboldened masses mustn’t be allowed to thrive.  The rest of us, the majority of us, will need to be vigilant and send a message that their bigoted views and behavior are not acceptable in a free society regardless of who occupies the White House.  We can no longer be quiet and look the other way when we witness injustice, discrimination, hate speech, or other oppressive measures just because they don’t affect us personally.  Now is the time to unify against the rise of the alt-right and defend the free society we’re all proud to be a part of.  Bigotry, racism, and ignorance cannot prevail.

Once the anger, resentment, and fear begins to dim ever so slightly, consider what your role will be in this fight.  Will you huddle into a corner and just hope it all goes away?  Or will you do something about it for the love of country?  Will you stand up for those who will need the most help during this improbable rise to power?  Will you unite with others to combat fear, ignorance and discrimination?  Will you prove that love trumps hate?  I hope you will.

Become an activist and speak out for a cause you believe in. Donate to an organization who’s doing the work you feel is important. Help to raise awareness for those who are marginalized and oppressed. Volunteer for a group already doing good works that can do more with your help.  There are plenty of things we can do.  There has never been a better time to show our fellow Americans and the world who we really are.

Be Rational. Be Outspoken. Be Heard.


Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, co-founder of Young Skeptics, and author of Understanding an Atheist. He is known for local and national secular activism and has spoken at conferences and events such as Reason Rally 2016 and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally.

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143 thoughts on “What’s Scarier Than a Trump Presidency? His Emboldened Followers

  1. It’s going to be really interesting to see what they do if and when the country goes to hell in a hand basket. If and when it does, just remember this. If you voted for Trump it’s your fault. If you didn’t vote it’s your fault. If you voted for third parties in an excess of purity it’s your fault.

    1. I agree, but as Mr Davis asked, what are you going to do? They won, but we can’t let hate win. Or at least win more.

      1. Hate will win if the things they did to Pres. Obama and the country out of hate go unpunished. They deserve contempt, and the GOP in the Congress should receive exactly as much respect and cooperation as they gave Pres. Obama and his administration.

        If they try to talk to you spit on the ground and say “I don’t talk to traitors.” If they offer to shake hands, refuse it. If they sneeze say, “Devil take you!”

          1. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be dismissive. I just wanted to figure out where to go from here. I’m glad to say that I found some plans with others in my community.

  2. The Bush administration and the GOP back then were bad, I will dread and must endure what will arguably be a worse government under Trump will be at least for the next 4 years and it’s aftermath after that.

  3. We need to legally go after the churches that said to vote trump or burn in hell. This is not something they are allowed to do and keep their tax-free status.

  4. Please, I just had to listen to one of my co-workers saying how she had to vote Trump because Hillary was going to take all the ‘good guys’ guns away.

    1. Yes, of course that’s also what they said about Obama. He confiscated exactly zero guns. I guarantee Hillary would have confiscated at least 10 times as many.

    2. My husband’s boss bought an AR-15 day before yesterday because he figured if Trump won Obama would immediately start confiscating guns and if Clinton won he could sell it to someone else for 2x-3x what he paid.

  5. “These emboldened masses mustn’t be allowed to thrive.”

    Said like a stout totalitarian. How about if you stopped your spewage for a moment and actually listened to them? But I must be woefully old-fashioned to think that fellow Americans should be listened to… especially those you are dead set on othering.

    1. Article filled with comments about how others ideas should be validated, how we shouldn’t marginalize, while calling the ones they don’t like deplorables and putting them down every other sentence.

      Why am I not surprised.

      This is why Trump is now president, years of constant marginalization, years of being told that simple living, relaxed living and having their own views is racist, sexist, homophobic etc when they knew they weren’t any of them considering they go out on Friday night with their black gay ladies from work and don’t give a shit what goes on in her bedroom.

      Years of this and the country snapped,

      “fine mother fuckers in your penthouses and apartments with no idea how your food gets on your plate all the while bitching that the farmer who puts in 14 hour days needs to allow free range but somehow still keep prices low, lets see how you fucking like someone in the whitehouse that isn’t afraid to call you out and tell you to fuck off that there are real problems to deal with.”

      This is what they pushed, this is what has now happened, folks got sick of the shit. They pushed back. Now we have Trump.

          1. No. People who spew hate toward other humans are bad, especially when they cloak it in self-righteous verbiage. Grow up.

          2. I for one, hope the Democratic Senators give Trump’s SCOTUS pick the same consideration GOP Senators gave Obama’s pick, and promised to give Hillary’s pick. And keep Fat Tony’s seat open for four years.
            The people have spoken. Unfortunately for you, “Donald Trump” isn’t what they said. He doesn’t have a mandate to do what the hell he pleases, and he had better remember that.

          3. 278 is NOT “a landslide.” And he lost the popular vote. “Oh dear” indeed. There are protests going on in major cities all over the country. I’m not kidding. His adoring throngs that he met at his rallies aren’t there any more. He’s going to find out that governing is MUCH harder than blathering. Let’s see what he does. The clock starts ticking Jan 21st 2017. Tick-tock, tick tock.
            I’ll tell you what he WON’T be doing. Anything remotely related to his promises to fix the country for the working class. Deporting 11 million people. Instituting a Muslim ban. Stopping abortion. Turning back gay marriage. You elected a fraud. Enjoy him. I’ll soon be a blissful retiree, enjoying life with my husband. He has a pension and Social Security and we have money squirreled away here and there. We’ll be fine.
            You and your children, I’m not sure about.

          4. He STILL lost the popular vote. And in case you haven’t noticed, people are pissed, pissed, PISSED.
            They aren’t going to allow Drumpf to run roughshod over the rule of law. And the Democrats don’t have to give him SQUAT in terms of a SCOTUS nominee. Just like they did with Obama.
            If we can stay at eight members for a year, we can stay at eight members for five years, just like the GOP planned to do to Hillary Clinton. Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?

          5. He did not lose the popular vote. Document your claim! But of course you can’t. Your cavalier disregard of truth is repulsive. Modeling yourself after the person you voted for? Being pissed justifies arson and physical abuse? And I just saw a pic of the marchers hauling a Soviet flag. Hahaha! The soviets were SO known for the rule of law!

            Yeah, I am pissed too. After 8 years of Obama on top of Dubya, who wouldn’t be?

            Blocked. Toodles.

          6. These people are exhibiting more than just Dunning-Kruger Effect, there is a sociological effect sometimes called Levelerism. People who aren’t smart enough or intelligent enough try to pull everyone who is down to their level. It is often a product of envy and/or unrequited longing. This is an extremely toxic combination. They would rather destroy the country than see anyone else in a better sistuation than they have.

          7. I said about the same after you. Others have said similar. These morons don’t get it. They think they can treat other people badly and get no come back for it. I don’t understand how so many people, thousands of them think that they should be allowed to get away with their school yard bully attitude and actions.

            I have asked my congress man and senator to give the GOP exactly the same respect and cooperation they gave President Obama. I hope a lot of us send this message to Washington.

            I am thinking about a petition to the MA legislature to call the Hartford Convention back into session to consider expelling states that don’t live up to the Constitution or, on the other hand, to take up the bill of secession again. The morons can insist on fouling their own nests and destroying their states but we should opt out.

      1. Aw the classic “ignore the racism and suck up to the racists and eventually in a hundred years or so they might stop thinking of minorities as subhuman” tactic. Cause that has worked so far. How long do you think people are going to endure hatred before they finally get tired of it enough to fight back? Intolerance of intolerance isn’t intolerance. It’s common sense. It’s empathy.

      2. Yea no. It’s not some down home people living their lives. It’s angry racist and hateful people who have been shouting and hating for 8 years.

        So glad you have your token minority friend to make you feel better, it goes to show how terrible you are that you can call her friend in one breath and then oppress her in another.

    2. But the thing is we are listening and we’re constantly baffled by the lies and stupidity spewed. Trump is not anti-establishment. He has been voted by the establishment, by those in the majority who ALWAYS had the most prominent voice to say in politics and social matters. And just like with the Brexit, we have a dormant majority of people gladly voting against their own interests. Nothing more.

        1. She would have represented a lot of voices in the minority from the position of a person that knows the ropes and knows how to mediate between the system and those that feel left outside of it. Coincidently, she won the popular vote.

          1. I keep checking, but haven’t seen final results published yet. Have you?

            Hillary… look, the wicked witch is dead. We could argue this till the cows come home, whether she was a warmonger, whom she would have represented and whom she would not, how corrupt she was/is… No point. What we *can* do is promote civil discussions among us all, so that the country moves forward. And a lot of us are pretty sick of the constant name calling and tantrums from progressives.

            The reason she did not get elected is that a lot of people out there have been left out of the system. It’s just that some folks don’t consider their needs to be valid somehow. I am referring to rural and working class folks that have been shafted by globalism.

            What would you wish that Trump does in his early days in office? I am for ending the drug war, and appointing a real farmer to head USDA. And yeah, having a nationwide discussion about Islam, while peeps from sharia-dominant countries are on hold. Doing away with daylight savings time would be a nice frosting on the cake. What do you think?

          2. The republicans have used this tactic for 8 years and have used it in this election (they have called for her public execution, FFS). You know what sista’? you’re going to get a mouthful. For 4 years at a minimum. 8 years ago, I believe McCain was honest when he asked his side for civility and to show, at least, respect for the position of president. Instead we got the worse, most bile media attacks against the person. And it works. The voters proved it. Do we have to … anything? No. Whatever it takes. Clinton asked the nation to give him the chance to lead and it’s exactly what he won’t get. It’s a given.

            The working class didn’t vote for the retard. Rural and suburban areas voted for him. The working class, the engineers, the scientists that built this country, mostly voted for his main opponent and for third party candidates. Almost every policy the orangutang proposed will negatively affect their incomes and interests. They have no interest in accepting this and all vested interests in sabotaging his every single move. I’m curious how they plan on governing the country without the support of these people.

          3. The media were overwhelmingly supporting Clinton. Yet she lost. What does that tell you?

            “Whatever it takes. Clinton asked the nation to give him the chance to lead and it’s exactly what he won’t get. It’s a given.”

            How patriotic of you. F’k America, is it? Cutting off the branch you are sitting on. And I object to you insulting orangutans. How low will you sink, eh?

          4. Yea ya know it’s not like he got billions of dollars of free advertising or anything. And if “quoting what he said” is against him. You are living in a fantasy land where Trump didn’t accuse all immigrants of being criminals and rapists just waiting to swarm across our borders, where he didn’t call for the extrajudicial killing of black people for peaceful protests, where he didn’t threaten to use the power of the federal government to silence journalists who criticized him, where he didn’t threaten to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, where he didn’t call to use the federal government to lock up his political opponents, and to top it all off a world where he didn’t claim that poor people make too much money and they need lower wages.

            This whole campaign has been one giant conservative tempertantrum. It has been like watching a room full of unruly toddlers screaming and kicking because they didn’t get an extra candy. In all honesty what color is the sky in the world you live, because it certainly isn’t blue.

          5. That tells me that you believe the idiotic things you heard from obscure sources. The media allocated more time to Trump than to any other candidate in US election history. But somehow they were supporting Clinton? No, my delusional counterpart, individual people opposed him and they made great points which people should have headed, but the media isn’t a person, it didn’t act in a way or another – that’s just a very immature way of looking at things. The disinformation propaganda worked, seeing you repeating those memes is just a good example of this. And it works good enough for some people to vote against their own interests.

            As for the attitude only what the republicans did for 8 years. The country is just fine. It’l be fine once the liberals flip the coin on the other side. If they didn’t want to play this game, they shouldn’t have started it. You should know by now that liberals aren’t afraid to clean up after these idiots’ mess. It’s just another hurdle and it has to be dealt with. Because that’s the American way – to not give up.

          6. It’s not really about who started it, it’s about it actually working. Like it or not, this is the game that has to be played. No more mister nice liberal.

          7. Humph.
            Going from “Love trumps hate” to riots in one day. Stronger together? Scratch that. “When they go low, we go high.” Nah, we lied. Riot!

          8. When you’re going to play like that, there will be consequences. Tough luck if you don’t like it. Protesting this is well within the electorate’s right.

          9. It seems you can’t tell a difference between a protest and a riot. Shame. So I will explain. Marching is fine, march away. Beating people up, arson and vandalism are crimes.

          10. A few agitators do not speak for the vast majority protesting peacefully. Take a hike! The next 4 years will be long and there won’t be a “reconciliation”, you can look at your own attitude to understand why.

          11. Nothing like attacking the person rather than their argument, eh? Always such a winning choice. LOL

            And if they are a few agitators, then why dontcha denounce them?

          12. Tell me what does democracy look like?
            THIS is what democracy looks like.

            We won’t stop marching. We won’t stop standing up to bigotry. We won’t stand for your pledge. We won’t go to your church. We won’t stand for people losing their rights. And we won’t kiss and make nice. You want nice? BE nice.
            I, for one, will keep an open mind. I don’t expect President Trump to be the same man candidate Trump was. I suspect we just put Bush/Cheney back in office, because, let’s face it. He didn’t do enough destruction the first time.

          13. How did you feel about Mitch McConnell saying about Pres. Obama on his first day in office, “Our job is to make sure that he fails.” I’m guessing that was OK with you. I’m guessing that eight years of GOP obstruction up to and including not interviewing a supreme court nominee was OK with you.

            Have you ever heard, “what goes around comes around,” or “tit for tat” or “pay back is fair play?” When the shoe is on the other foot you squeal loudly, you hypocrite. The GOP deserves exactly the same amount of respect and cooperation they gave the legally, unarguably majority elected President Barack Hussein Obama, and not one tiny bit more!

          14. No, it was not ok. That’s why I voted for someone not part of the Beltway madness and gridlock. But go on and vilify me anyway. Why should sanity stop you?

            And do you think you could handle not calling people who disagree with you names? As one cool atheist once said, verbal abuse does not win the hearts and minds of people everywhere. If, that is, you want your side to recover from the debacle and restore its sanity so that it has a political future. (Same can be said to the GOP; they are enjoying a win of “their candidate” whom they abandoned. Bah humbug.)

          15. The fact is that she actually LOST..to TRUMP no less. How sad–the Queen and her First “Gentleman” can’t reign over their subjects…LOL

          1. No, we don’t know that. First, not all votes are in yet. Second, they don’t count absentee ballots unless they have a reason to. And there are millions of them. Last I checked, Hillary’s “lead” was about 200,000 votes.

          2. Documentation? BS bluster. He did not lose the popular vote, and no matter how much you repeat it, it won’t make it true. LOL.


    3. Oh, poor white people, why won’t we let them explain why they hate blacks and gays? We are so evil! Also, the instances of harassment and abuse of minorities is climbing now. We are listening to them and what they are saying is that they hate minorities.

      1. Oh now “white people” hate gays. That’s a hoot. Ya sound sooo confused….

        And will you change your tune when white people become a minority? Somehow, I don’t think so.

  6. It always terrifies people when they realize that they have based their lives on a lie, and now the day of judgment has fallen upon them.

    In this case, the lie comes from our elites’ childish utopianism that we can make the tragedy of the human condition go away through politics and ideology. The mature adults in the country who rallied around the Trump Revolution accept that “social progress” can’t happen because human nature doesn’t change; and that we have inequality, hierarchy and patriarchy because of the obdurate nature of things, not because some mean white men hold power and enforce arbitrary rules.

    1. Wait. I thought the thesis of the Trump movement was that proper government can Make America Great Again. Now it’s that government is useless and we should just accept that life sucks? Was the civil rights movement not social progress? The American Revolution? Does politics have nothing to do with the disparity between America and third world countries?

  7. What is scarier than a Trump presidency? Something happening to Trump and we get stuck with a Pence presidency. The man is a religious nut job that rivals Cruz in the crazy department.

    1. Heh. And if something happened to both of them? Ryan.

      This country is screwed. Completely and utterly. I plan to spend the next two years saying “I told you so”.

      1. I don’t know whether it would make you more or less scared, but there is a political science term, “Japanese Usurpation,” that refers to a puppet whose puppet-master is also a puppet of another who may also be a puppet. Not turtles but puppets all the way down!

        1. That has been the bane of ALL politicians…to always be controlled by other factors. Democrats and Republicans are merely two sides of the same coin.

    2. So Pence is Trump’s insurance policy in the same way Cheney was Bush’s? Sorry that doesn’t really work because Cheney wasn’t crazy, didn’t want to push his religion on everyone and was soft on gays and SSM. Also
      Cheney was running the Bush government, and Pence will likely be the one running the Trump government, a more evil man with the same malign influence but out of the limelight. I’d rather have Pence’s evil out in the spotlight for everyone to see and without the fall guy Trump to take the blame.

      Pence might not even be the real puppet-master. We know that the Donald has a “friend” who is a very experienced agent and puppet-master. What would Lenin have called the Trump voters, not “Deplorables,” but “Useful Tools!”


  8. “What’s scarier that a Trump presidency…?” If corrupt, criminal, Clinton had managed to steal this election and continue the destruction of this nation that Obama has been working on for the last eight years. I have no illusions that Trump will be able to accomplish even a tenth of what he has proposed, but if he can appoint Constitutional justices to the Supreme Court and reverse some of the most egregious actions of Obama’s administration, then we may have bought our Republic some time.

    1. Can you name one “egregious actions of Obama’s administration, then”. And seriously just one, your best, I will not respond to a gish gallop.

          1. Oh I know it’s just nice to know you aren’t alone. Especially with how batshit crazy things have become. Coincidentally I heard that Donald has decided to nominate Sargent Pepper as Secretary of defense. The Lonely Hearts Club Band will be the joint chiefs of staff.

          2. I myself am waiting for ANY comment that doesn’t center on the whine of “racist, sexist, and homophobic.” Perhaps a new word needs to be coined here for the snowflakes: “Caucasianphobic.”

          3. True there is no such word–that’s why it needs inventing. White males are really the devil incarnate to you, eh? Why so afraid?

          4. How does your personal situation have any bearing on the things you say? I don’t buy into the whole “white guilt” sham.

          5. Well, you said I was “looking out for myself.” You bet I am. And frankly, I don’t CARE if white people are a minority here. You have yet to give me a reason why I should.

          6. Now, you’re getting somewhere. There simply IS no reason for me to care. And I see no reason for YOU to care, either.

      1. Don’t know what a ‘gish gallop” is, could start with the way he rammed through Obama care against the will of the people, but he had a lot of help with that one, so I’ll restrict myself to just one of the executive orders he personally issued– giving legal status to over five million Illegal aliens and giving them protected status from our immigration laws. All because Congress would not pass the amnesty bill he was pushing.

        1. Name one that Republican Presidents didn’t do. Oh, wait, they were white so that doesn’t count, right? And as for forcing Obama care on people, taking all medical care away from people is ok in your book? Lots of people wanted affordable health care, and if they survive your taking it away they might want revenge.

    2. Can you prove one thing that Obama or Hillary said against women, against the disabled? One? Be reasonable. Clinton is not a criminal, you are. You have sold our nation to the Russians. You will see soon

      1. Could you provide certifications for your comments? They sound either interesting or bigoted; I wonder which?

      2. It’s not what Mrs Clinton said about anyone, the crimes are more lucrative than that, through the corrupt Clinton foundation.Ask the people of Haiti.
        Influence peddling while she was Secretary of State, foreign donations to campaign funds, don’t forget mishandling of classified material,a crime in itself, no “intent” required. As for selling our nation to the russians, Mrs Clinton was instrumental in selling 25 per cent or so of our uranium reserves, a strategic metal, to the russians.

    3. What is your definition of corrupt and criminal? Do you know Trump’s record of business bankruptcies, stealing from contractors and employees by not paying them, and the Trump University rip off? That is not even to
      include possible sex crimes that, unlike these, haven’t been proven in court yet. If his November trial ends in conviction for fraud will you be happy? Moreover, as Hillary [for all that she may have done wrong] has never done those things, nor been convicted in court, will you apologize?

      1. Mrs Clinton leaves the sex crimes to her husband. She only tears down the reputations of the victims, and laughs about getting the rapist of a 12 year old girl off.

  9. STOP calling them ALT RIGHT! )(*&&*%k
    They are right wing extremeist! Its that simple. They are the Tea-Party ultra right extremists. So stop using the term Alt right. A pig is a pig and until we call it out we’re feeding the beast..

    1. Ouch! How many have you sat down over coffee and talked with? If you’re in Bend, OR I’d love to do that with you. We need civility now, not recrimination.

  10. I do not understand the references regarding “hiding” behind a plastic shield when voting. Those are there BECAUSE how we vote is confidential. There are already riots by bigoted racists. Yes. Blacks can be bigoted racists, but they have no self-control button because they are told their actions are understandable. Anarchy against those who used their rights to vote as they see fit do not deserve action against them.

    1. Well that was racist! What if I make the same remark with some changes?

      1. Rednecks can be bigoted racists, but they have no self-control button because they are told their actions are understandable.
      2. Texas yahoos can be bigoted racists, but they have no self-control button because they are told their actions are understandable.
      3.Southern Baptists can be bigoted racists, but they have no self-control button because they are told their actions are understandable, and they forgive themselves in Jesus’ name every time they misbehave.

      Now substitute your own bigoted tribal group for Blacks and think about it..

      1. Bigoted Racists come in all Races, Religions, Places of Origin, Life Philosophy, Sexual Orientations, and Social Positions. You might say that Bigoted Racism is open to all without prejudice, the only membership requirement being that you are an arrogant self -serving fool…and there are a whole lot of those around on both sides of the line.

      2. Wow. You’re as reactionary as the losers and you are merely stoking the fire. Get the wrinkles out of your panties, and let the rest of us get on with our lives. We’ve had to mourn yours long enough.

    2. your vote is your endorsement of the character and policy of a given candidate. Kevin is using that phrase in order to get people to think about seriously through their vote and not vote out of emotion and fear.

  11. Just curious how many of the Trump ‘Deplorables’ you have sat down and talked with rather than lumping them as a nomer of the media, ‘referring to aptly made’? Also the left tended to take Trump literally, those of us who saw him as a leader who could go to Washington in nobody’s pocket looking at the big picture and do something good for everyone, took him figuratively. We’ll see who’s right. Things are looking pretty good at the moment, right?

    1. He might not be in anyone’s “pocket” but he’s picked up a lot of people in the Legislature who are going to want payback even if he owes them nothing. Assuming he is self-financed means nothing when he is dealing with a group of pre-sold Legislators who are used to either getting their own way or blocking any action at all. If anything he is now less powerful than he was when he was campaigning; at least then he knew who his opponents were. Now…

  12. What’s scarier than liberals committing violence in the streets paid for by George Soros? The attempt to overthrow our Constitutional Republic by a minority attempting to vote once again through petitioning the Electoral College

    1. Say What? You really make no sense, Salt. This is not Twitter and we are not all Twits. Spell out what you mean, please!

      1. It is quite apparent that you failed to read the title of this article. My statement was a parallel broadside against it. What is it about the title you did not understand? I reviewed what I wrote, and it seems that I spelled all the words correctly. 🙂

        1. 1: Unless you have a receipt signed by George Soros, don’t go accusing him of things. My guess is that you are referring to the current political unrest over Trump’s election. Not to worry, he’s in for four years and no demonstrators are changing that; in fact they are doing themselves more harm now by giving a hint of truth to Trump’s Campaign rhetoric. And the Electoral College cannot be petitioned; it’s gone. It was dissolved once it had voted and the votes tabulated and certified.
          Meh: I remember similar stuff eight years ago only with different actors. They weren’t impressive then and aren’t impressive now.

          1. The Electoral College does not vote until December 19th – get your information straight. The petition is to get electors to change their votes. This will not happen, since it is not illegal but is violation of party rules – has happened in the past with one or two votes.

          2. Yeah, I remember eight years ago too when Obama brought in the crooked Hillary, Rob Emmanuel, Emmanuel’s brother who deceived us with Obamascare, Podesta, Timothy Geithner who stumbled over Turbo Tax as an excuse for not paying his taxes, John “Swiftboat” Kerry who ran away from battle, Loretta “ignore Clinton prosecttion” Lynch, Kathleen corrupt Sebelius, and the corrupt IRS heads? Yeah I remember.

  13. Another liberal positing theories to explain why Clinton lost. Well, here’s why -Democrats used to support the common man, but no longer. While Hillary was out giving $200,000 speeches at Goldman Sachs, American factories were shutting down.

    1. “Common man” doesn’t, and shouldn’t, equal bigot. Nor should people who are rude, disrespectful and aggressive toward others think that they can cover that up by calling themselves a “common man.” being a boorish hick, loudmouth, crude jock, jerk etc. is still being all of those deplorable things, nothing to be proud of and everything to be ashamed of. If you claim to be anti-PC you shouldn’t object to shaming.

      1. All Shaming does is illustrate how bigoted and arrogant the person who is engaged in Shaming others happens to be. It does nothing other than provide a false sense of superiority.

      2. People have the right to their opinions, without being persecuted. Even, and especially, when people like you disapprove of those opinions. Y’all are showing us over and over that you’ve gone authoritarian. I approve; let it all hang out for all to see…. 🙂

  14. Political correctness = decency????? Not sure what planet you are from, Kevin but the SJWs, social justice warriors, are not decent people. They are rude, close minded idiots that are just as bad if not worse than Trumps deplorables. The only reason I, like so many others, wanted Trump was because Hillary is just more of the same. I realize this has become the standard belief but it really is true. Her term would only have succeeded in dividing this country in the same way that Obama’s did. Yes, Trump may do even worse damage, but then again, he may not. PC IS NOT the same as decency. Not even close.

    1. political correctness started out as being more decent by avoiding derogatory names, but turned into bully club to get my way. everybody is some form of Social Justice Warrior, but not everyone agrees about how to bring it to past and what is makes a Social Justice cause. MLK Jr. was a Social Justice Warrior. Gandhi was as well. most people agree with their causes. Jesus Christ himself was a Social Justice Warrior. just read the four gospels, and the times he got into it with going against the social norms.

      1. I….think….you agree with me??? Good points all. It’s too bad that SJWs of the 60’s have turned into the whiny, screaming, disrespectful twits that occupy the world today.

  15. Kevin, i think that most of the “deplorables” were the primary voters who helped Trump win the nomination. as for the general elections much of the vote for Trump came from Republicans who could not see themselves from voting for anyone other the party nominee no matter what. at to it the fear exaggerations towards a presidency of Hillary Clinton put Trump over the top. the Libertarian Republic gave three reasons why Trump one; fear of Hillary, reality tv culture over constitutional understanding, and just binary party voting.

  16. “the bigoted subset of Trump voters who see the world through a fog of ignorance”

    May I suggest you Google the definition of “bigot”? Then, step back and take a good long look at yourself, your post (which I would characterize as hysterical and infantile), and your own “fog of ignorance.”

  17. The greatest joy about the Trump win, and what a joy it is, is that like Brexit, it is a clear sign that the liberals are finished, forever. Those PC dictating, multi-culturalists, globalists, self serving arrogant know-it-all minority fawning liberals are defeated. A curse on all of you and your demonic queen Killery.
    Upcoming elections in France and Germany will prove this is a worldwide defeat of the liberal agenda.
    We have taken back the government, we will take back the education system, the justice system and the religious institutions. We will make America and the world great again, free from liberal brain washing and pollutions.
    Oh what a joy, I can’t stop smiling.

  18. I don’t think the ’emboldened’ Trump followers are the ones causing most of the problems at the moment. Our Capital (Portland, OR) is having much vandalism and rowdiness — destruction of other people’s property, etc. The calls I heard from the rioters are “He’s not our President.” Are they talking about Obama?
    I heard Trump on TV tell any of his people who are causing issues to “STOP” since he wants to unify the country. I didn’t hear Obama tell them to Stop, and Hillary has been silent as well. Come on. Let’s be a little objective here. A spade is a spade!

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