Yes, There Are Still Christians Who Believe Rock Music Is The Devil

Ever since rock music was invented, Christians have been railing against it. Even today, some religious groups are still fighting against it. There are Christian rock bands now, but some Christians speak out against them as well.

One website by Alan Yusko and Ed Prior, said this about the history of rock music:

If you are a Christian and you don’t realize that secular rock is evil and demonic then you better get your spiritual eyes examined because you have big problems. One distressing problem about the religious rock scene is that many involved also listen to secular rock and roll. At some of the concerts put on by the religious rockers they sometime ‘warm’ up their audiences by playing secular rock and roll songs.

According to, Christians should evaluate secular music based on these questions:

  1. The purpose of music
  2. The style of music
  3. The content of the lyrics.

One blogger even tried to throw all secular music under the bus with the term “rock beat:”

…a dominant and repetitious offbeat which competes with the melody and distracts from the words of a song. The contradictory messages in the beat, the words, the melody, the style of the presentation, and the appearance of the musicians all create a subtle confusion in the minds, wills, and emotions of the listeners, which leads them to question the absolute moral standards of God.

I don’t understand why religious people have to be against all music that isn’t theirs.  If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it or listen to it.

Religious institutions been censoring all forms of media for centuries, including music, books, newspapers, movies, and more.

Here are some facts about censorship, religiously-based and other:


14 thoughts on “Yes, There Are Still Christians Who Believe Rock Music Is The Devil

    1. I forget the title, but in one of his earliest novels (ca. 1915) P.G. Wodehouse wrote of a schoolboy who created a huge row by playing a ‘Ragtime’ song in a school recital. The other students loved it, but the staff was upset by the “devil” music. I thought it was particularly amusing given that adult’s attitudes towards younger people’s music seems never to have changed.

      1. You’re not kidding! I found an LP anthology of waltzes published in the 1960’s that belonged to my late father, and the booklet notes described the initial reaction in England in the 16th century which was (of course) alarm because “walz” had the same etymology as the past participle “voltus” of the Latin verb “volvere” which meant “to roll” and how it was a very apt because the English said the dance was akin to “rolling in the mud” and it was “Every English mother’s nightmare” to imagine her daughter doing this with a German peasant– and then noted the similar reactions to rock and roll at the time the LPs were pressed. Those “others” and their scary music!

    2. There was a time when the Waltz was considered racy — I mean, men and women, sometimes unmarried, pressing their bodies to each other! Disgraceful!

  1. The Blues had a baby, and they called it Rock and Roll. That’s right, that’s where rock originated. In so-called “Black” music. That’s the problem white Christians have with it.

  2. Oh, Oh, I know the answer! It’s because they don’t want thier youth distracted from THIER brand of religion! Because then churches lose money!

  3. Had to cover one of these presentations oh, so long ago when I was a reporter. The whole time the guy was railing about the lyrics, I kept thinking, “What about country music? Getting drunk, cheating, lying, partying?” At the end of the hour-long talk, he said ONE sentence about country.

  4. Yeah, Christian rock……. Well, I was going to post a link to Billy Connelly’s funny stand up on Christian rock but it won’t let me.

  5. What??? You don’t understand why the people who still insist it was they who invented science have to be against anything which they can’t take credit for, and indirectly credit to their god?


    1. When God wasn’t explaining science* to his followers, he was explaining democracy and a constitutional government to them.

      * A pregnant cow will give birth to a striped baby if she sees a striped stick.

  6. “I don’t understand why religious people have to be against all music that isn’t theirs. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it or listen to it.”

    I do. Just think of all those secular delights out there, just waiting for the kiddies to stray into them! If they ban all that infernal stuff the normal world considers entertaining, then they won’t have to worry about their little Jeremiah growing up to be a gay Black Metal rocker destined for Hell!

    Yeah, I get it. But I sure don’t approve of it! They should just buy an island and build a wall around it.

  7. Sounds like the fundy muslims in canada who are demanding that their kids not be exposed to music in school. Stupid.

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